Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm on the campaign trail

1. Is Barbados really for sale 'for a bowl of wanton soup' as Prime Minister Arthur claims? He levelled this accusation at the Opposition DLP recently, stating that that party was receiving campaign contributions from Taiwan. The Taiwanese Ambassador in St. Kitts has denied it, DLP leader David THompson has denied it and the man allegedly in charge of brokering the deal, CLICO Chairman Leroy Parris, has denied it.

Maybe it's time we ask all political parties to reveal the sources of their campaign contributions, because this is some funny business for real!

2. Is it me or have the political parties and/or their supporters become more desperate this election year? There're allegations of wiretapping of DLP calls, DLP billboards being torn down (apparently they were erected illegally, so it's all par for the course), and even the disturbing report of death threats against UWI Lecturer Dr. Don Marshall.

Get your act together, people! No matter who wins on January 16 we still have to live on this blessed little rock. When people start believing that their livelihood depends on a particular party, that's when we're going have real issues around here.

3. Is it a coincidence that one week before the General Elections a No Confidence Motion is being brought against DLP candidate for Christ Church East Central, Ronald Jones, in his capacity as President of the Barbados Football Association? Jones is the incumbent in that constituency as is largely expected to retain his seat. Is it also a coincidence that the person who announced the motion was dressed in a bright red shirt, the colour of the ruling BLP? It really makes you go hmmm.

Photo of posters - www.nationnews.com; photo of Ronald Jones - www.dlpbarbados.org

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