Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Candidates for St. Lucy

Denis Kellman - DLP
Although he can be aptly described as a loose cannon in the DLP, there's no denying that Denis Kellman is the unofficial King of St. Lucy, or at the very least, Moon Town (the nickname of a district in
St. Lucy called Half-Moon Fort). The shop proprietaire has fended off competition from another local entrepreneur, Gray Broomes of Pizza Man Doc fame, and even Prime Minister Arthur's own brother Richard Arthur, and I'll be seriously suprised if he doesn't win the St. Lucy seat again. I see more sessions of 'Kellmanomics' in our future.

Peter Phillips - BLP

A newcomer to the political fray, banker Peter Phillips will have his work cut out for him in the North. I don't know how many inroads he's made in St. Lucy but the constituents there appear to be a pretty loyal bunch. I hope he can handle defeat well.


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