Thursday, January 03, 2008

Candidates for St. John

David Thompson - DLP
If there's such a thing as a safe seat, then I strongly believe Opposition Leader David Thompson's St. John seat is it. Constituents in that parish have been unfailingly loyal to the Democratic Labour Party for decades, and there's no sign that they plan to change any time soon. Chalk up one seat for the DLP.

Tyrone Power - BLP
I won't be so bold as to say that Agriculturalist Tyrone Power doesn't have a chance in hell of winning the St. John seat. I'd say his chances are as good as Peter Phillip's in St. Lucy or Haynesley Benn's in St. Peter and leave it at that.


Jdid said...

basically the dems have this one locked down

ps thanks for the profiles. been having a hard time finding out who is running against who online

Khaidji said...

If there is nothing else you want to admire, think of this. With all that went on in the last two years, David Thompson was pivotal at bringing together a party of Dems at their worse political life. Now they seem a well oiled machine, having very effecting campaigning strategies. This is not the best time to have snatched away from you and for David; it is perhaps his most celebrated family time.

David Thompson

Democratic Labour Party leader
A man who brought Dem back together
Victorious in weeding the problems out
Inadequacies arrested by exercising his clout
Do you know that he is a Christmas baby
That the first week of the year is his Wedding Anniversary
How hard to set aside these celebrations
Organizing the campaign trail for upcoming elections
Maybe I’m a romantic but at times like these
Politics had no right separating families
Seasonal bliss, Birthday, Wedding and New Years day
Only to be quashed by the campaigning hooray
Now he balances being a lawyer, family man and politician
....But I would never envy the life of David Thompson

Bajegirl said...

Your welcome, Jdid.

Good one, Khaidji.