Friday, January 04, 2008

Candidates for St. Joseph

Dale Marshall - BLP
Attorney-General Dale Marshall has come a long way from being George Payne's protégé. Like Minister of Housing George Payne and Minister of Health, Jerome Walcott, he began his political life as a Senator before facing the polls.

Since assuming the role of Attorney-General in February 2006, Marshall has had a lot to handle, e.g. the construction of the new prison at Dodds and the tragic cave-in at Arch Cot. It's not that he hasn't done an efficient job; it's just that he had large shoes to fill, assuming the post previously held by Mia Mottley.

But, at the end of the day it comes down to how the candidates are viewed in their constituencies, and St. Joseph has typically been a stronghold of the BLP. If there's a swing , his opponent Randall Rouse may have a chance, though.

Randall Rouse - DLP
Businessman Randall Rouse is one determined fellow; this is his fourth attempt at capturing the St. Joseph riding. You never know what will happen on the day, but I'll be surprised if he pulls it off this time.

Photos: BLP/DLP


Jdid said...

didnt randall rouse run on the no damn party (ndp) ticket back in the 90s?

I must be missing something here, wasnt cheltenham the st joseph rep/ I guess he retired. How close was the by-election that returned marshall?

Bajegirl said...

I believe you're right re: Rouse and the NDP, I was trying to research it to be sure but no luck.

Cheltenham retired in 2002 and Marshall replaced him. If memory serves me the by-election wasn't crushingly embarrassing to Rouse.

Tisha said...

People should read this.