Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Candidates for St. Thomas

Cynthia Forde - BLP
If there's a BLP stronghold in Barbados it's St. Thomas, being the former seat of the late Prime Minister J.M.G.M. 'Tom' Adams. It's highly unlikely that the competition will unseat current Minister of State in the Ministry of Education Cynthia Forde.

However, if I was 'Cynthie', as she's popularly called, I would demand this time around that I got a full-fledged Ministry, not this Minister of State post she's been holding down for the past three terms.

Haldene Dottin - DLP
Another DLP first-timer to the polls, banker Haldene Dottin will have a hard time unseating the incumbent Cynthia Forde. If there's a swing he may stand a chance, but I suspect Forde has St. Thomas all wrapped up.

NB: The DLP has made some amendments to its site so unfortunately there're no more links to the DLP candidates' bios. Also, the candidates' photos are smaller.

Photos: BLP/DLP

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