Friday, January 04, 2008

Candidates for St. George North

Gline Clarke - BLP
As Minister of Public Works and Transport, Gline Clarke must be one of the most maligned Cabinet Ministers in Barbados. Complaints about the state of the roads, traffic congestion and shortage of buses all fall on him.

There is a school of thought that the St. George constituencies indicate the political temperature in the rest of the island, i.e., the party that captures St. George usually wins the elections. I've been hearing rumblings in St. George but since the Bajan electorate is highly unpredictable, I'll give Clarke a 50-50 chance.

Colin Spencer - DLP
Musician/entertainer Colin Spencer is well known in Barbados because of his participation in Crop Over. Unfortunately, in my opinion he's always come across as aloof and touchy. I'm not sure that he actually likes people, so I was surprised when I heard he planned to face the electorate.

Well, the DLP machinery must know what it's doing and I'm sure he has many redeeming qualities. He sings like an angel and is a talented lyricist so that's a start. As for his chances...I wouldn't count him out.

Photos: BLP/DLP

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Jdid said...

As Transport minister Clarke in a good spot cause that is a ministry where you can get your constituents nuff jobs even if they are temporary.