Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Election results

Well, well, well. Bajans are still recovering from a night which saw the incumbent Barbados Labour Party being swung out of office. They only managed to hold on to ten seats while the DLP captured 20 seats.

Let's do the comparison now and see how close my predictions came:

St. Lucy - Denis Kellman (DLP) WON
St. Peter - Owen Arthur (BLP) WON
St. Andrew - Irene Sandiford-Garner(DLP) LOST
St. John - David Thompson (DLP) WON
St. Joseph - Dale Marshall (BLP) WON
St. George North - Gline Clarke (BLP) WON
St. George South - Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo (DLP) WON
St. Thomas - Cynthia Forde (BLP) WON
St. James North - Rawle Eastmond (BLP) WON
St. James Central - Kerrie Symmonds (BLP) LOST
St. James South - Elizabeth Thompson (BLP) LOST
St. Philip North - Michael Lashley (DLP) WON
St. Philip West - Dr. David Estwick (DLP) WON
St. Philip South - Anthony Wood (BLP) LOST
Christ Church South - John Boyce (DLP)WON
Christ Church East - Reginald Farley (BLP)LOST
Christ Church West Central - Stephen Lashley (DLP)WON
Christ Church East Central - Ronald Jones (DLP)WON
Christ Church West - William Duguid (BLP)WON
Bridgetown - Patrick Todd (DLP)WON
St. Michael North - Ronald Toppin (BLP)WON
St. Michael North East - Mia Mottley (BLP)WON
St. Michael North West - Clyde Mascoll (BLP)LOST
St. Michael Central - Steven Blackett (DLP)WON
St. Michael East - Trevor Prescod (BLP)LOST
St. Michael West - Joseph Atherley (BLP)LOST
St. Michael South - Noel Lynch (BLP)LOST
St. Michael South East - Hamilton Lashley (BLP)WON
St. Michael West Central - Rommel Marshall (BLP)LOST
St. Michael South Central - Richard Sealy (DLP)WON

I guess 20 out of 30 isn't bad, even though I had tipped the scales in favour of the Bees. The biggest surprises for me were the losses of Elizabeth Thompson, Noel Lynch, Reginald Farley and Trevor Prescod. If Owen Arthur had retained the Government he would have had to pick a new Cabinet for sure.

I'll keep you up to date as the new Government is formed and the new Cabinet is rolled out. Congrats and good luck to the new Thompson Administration.

Photo: Prime Minister-designate David Thompson and wife Mara savouring the thrill of victory early this morning at Democratic Labour Party headquarters in George Street, Belleville, St Michael. (


Khaidji said...

Congratulations Team DLP

Christmas was disrupted, people placed on edge
Owen needed to be dislodged, he was like and impaling wedge
Now thanks to God we can sleep peacefully
God has delivered us from his political tyranny
Right thinking Bajans started a new mandate
And voted to elect their DLP candidate
They demonstrated that with the 20 to 10 win
Usefulness had expired, the shelf life was gone for Owen
Laughter now adorns this Nation’s face
A fresh air envelops the entire place
The excellent campaigning by the DLP team
Ignited new hopes and happiness, we can now dream
Of a community with more love and caring
Negativity surpassed with positive thinking
Simple charity between neighbors and together we
Take on progress and a true democracy
Exercising the strengths of each individual voice
Assured that individual’s have their own choice
May God Bless your persistence and bring more success
Draw a clear map along the Pathways to Progress
Lots of hard work is ahead but you’ll emerge supreme
Praise God for this Government of a DLP Team

Douglas said...

Just put a link to your post up on Twitter. You can see my tweets (posts of 140 characters or less) at

Jdid said...

20 out of 30 aint too bad
you only picked one dlp candidate that didnt win and that one was real close too