Thursday, January 03, 2008

Candidates for St. Andrew

George Payne - BLP
One can say that Attorney-at-law George Payne has done well by St. Andrew. In the three terms he's held the seat he's made sure that his constituents have benefitted from his various portfolio changes. That parish has some of the best roads in the island, no doubt courtesy of Payne's tenure as Minister of Public Works. However, his record was tarnished in April 2000 when PM Arthur fired him, and he's been holding his peace on the back bench ever since. (There's a reason why his nickname's 'Silent George'.)

I've been hearing that Payne's re-election is not a sure thing as some people think and I believe the contest for the St. Andrew seat will be one of the more exciting ones. One thing I know for sure; if George Payne isn't re-elected come January 15, he has a lot to fall back on, unlike some other candidates....

Irene Sandiford-Garner - DLP
The woman likely to upset George Payne's apple cart is articulate Marketing Executive and PR savvy Irene Sandiford-Garner. A first-timer to the polls, she's warmed to the task as if she were born to run for politics. She's really taken the fight to George Payne, who may have upset a lot of constituents by his wordless stint on the back bench. I give her an even chance.



Jdid said...

that will be a close race. All depends on the swing of things so to speak. I think Garner has a chance

Khaidji said...

I recently had a one on one conversation with this Candidate on the telephone. We never met but I wish we had. The lady seemed all about representing her people. For a new comer, she is on the ball of the political game.

Irene Sandiford-Garner
I don’t know her but I feel like I do
Really open-minded, this lady has got a clue
Everything she addresses she seems adept
Nothing she’s spoken has disappointed me yet
Every female in politics should be like this
Sharp ideas, forward thinking and lots of prowess
And with all this she’s a beautiful femme
Never bombastic, she’s a masterful gem
Democratic rep for the parish of St. Andrew
Irene is the kind of person that’s right too
For the constituency, party and for the Country
Or even more encompassing for Democracy
Ready she is and soon she will show
Dedication if the people would give her the go
Giving her this chance is St. Andrew’s choice
And finally the people would have a voice
Road works have plagued them, water works too
Now this is their chance to have their wishes come through
Elected candidates are given a chance to matter
Right now may be right for Irene Sandiford Garner