Monday, January 14, 2008

Election predictions

Hi, peoples. Sorry to have left you hanging in terms of the profiles but I wasn't well for a few days. Since time is against us and I have 18 candidates outstanding, I thought it would be easier for me to send you to the BLP and DLP websites to check out the candidates and I would do a bit of predicting on the outcome of tomorrow's elections.

Now, as I said before I'm no pollster or election pundit, nor do I owe any allegiance to any political party. I'm just a sucker for punishment with a blog. All predictions are just my gut feelings and based on feedback, but remember that the electorate can be very unpredictable and a large percentage of persons were categorised as 'undecided' in the polls. Also, we have to allow for any swing away from the incumbent BLP which might occur. If that happens, even the weaker DLP candidates might be elected.

Anyhoo, here're the 30 candidates and my predictions on the winners. We'll compare my list and the real thing on Wednesday. You can view the BLP candidates here and the DLP candidates here.

St. Lucy - Denis Kellman (DLP)
St. Peter - Owen Arthur (BLP)
St. Andrew - Irene Sandiford-Garner(DLP)
St. John - David Thompson (DLP)
St. Joseph - Dale Marshall (BLP)
St. George North - Gline Clarke (BLP)
St. George South - Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo (DLP)
St. Thomas - Cynthia Forde (BLP)
St. James North - Rawle Eastmond (BLP)
St. James Central - Kerrie Symmonds (BLP)
St. James South - Elizabeth Thompson (BLP)
St. Philip North - Michael Lashley (DLP)
St. Philip West - Dr. David Estwick (DLP)
St. Philip South - Anthony Wood (BLP)
Christ Church South - John Boyce (DLP)
Christ Church East - Reginald Farley (BLP)
Christ Church West Central - Stephen Lashley (DLP)
Christ Church East Central - Ronald Jones (DLP)
Christ Church West - William Duguid (BLP)
Bridgetown - Patrick Todd (DLP)
St. Michael North - Ronald Toppin (BLP)
St. Michael North East - Mia Mottley (BLP)
St. Michael North West - Clyde Mascoll (BLP)
St. Michael Central - Steven Blackett (DLP)
St. Michael East - Trevor Prescod (BLP)
St. Michael West - Joseph Atherley (BLP)
St. Michael South - Noel Lynch (BLP)
St. Michael South East - Hamilton Lashley (BLP)
St. Michael West Central - Rommel Marshall (BLP)
St. Michael South Central - Richard Sealy (DLP)

Total - BLP - 18 / DLP - 12.

We'll see on Wednesday.


Douglas said...

I found your blog through Global Voices Online.

I hope you'll stop by my blog, Crossword Bebop, sometime.

It is my great dream to blog about crossword puzzles from/about every English-speaking country. Where do Barbadians go when they want to do a crossword?

Bajegirl said...

Welcome, Douglas! I'll be sure to check out your blog soon.

As far as I can tell, Bajan crossword fans either check the local papers or buy crossword books.

Campfyah said...

Well girl, you gave a good try but yuh predictions din do yuh nuh good. DLP pulled a upsed dey on fuh fuh many ah dem consitutencies

Bajegirl said...

Yeah bosie, when it come to a swing yuh just got to move outa de way!