Thursday, January 03, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm on the campaign trail

Prime Minister and leader of the Barbados Labour Party, Owen Arthur, moving through a crush of supporters who converged at Bay Street Esplanade last night.

Since the political parties contesting the January 15 elections here got into full swing over the holidays, there's been non-stop press coverage of their every move, from the whistle-stop tours to presentation of candidates to Nomination Day activities.

Election time or 'silly season' as we Bajans call it provides its fair share of comical and 'hmmm' moments, so I thought that over the next week or so I'd share a few with you. Let me know some of your 'hmmm' moments as well.

1. What's up with political parties making entertainment such a large part of their meetings? I know they want to draw people but they're fooling themselves when thousands of people turn up to their meetings and they believe every person will translate into a vote in their favour. Many of them came to hear the acts for free, trust me.

Leader of the Opposition DLP, David Thompson, making his way through the huge crowd at Oistins on Tuesday night.

2. Did someone really cut the wires to the sound system while Luciano was performing at the DLP's meeting to present its candidates on Tuesday night? The Dems (DLP)claimed that they were sabotaged but the Bees (BLP) refuted their opponent's claim and said it was the failure of the DLP's equipment that lead to the halt of the reggae artiste's performance.

3. What did PM Arthur mean when he stated earlier this week that former Leader of the Opposition and current Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Clyde Mascoll, would be his "co-leader" in a future BLP Government? What will this mean for his current Deputy, the capable Mia Mottley? It really makes you go hmmm.


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