Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rihanna post-Christmas update

I know that quite a few people visit this site for their Rihanna fix, so I thought that in between all the election posts I'd include a post on what our homegirl Rih-Rih's been up to since she was home for Christmas.

According to the blog Young, Black and Fabulous, Ms. Rihanna pulled down about $500, 000 for a Christmas party in Russia. Not a bad payday for 40 minutes work, right?

Then it was back to Los Angeles, where she got in some retail therapy at Barney's.

Hmmm. Wonder if she's shopping for the Barbados Music Awards?

Rihanna also copped the Best R&B Song award for 'Shut Up and Drive' at last night's People's Choice Awards. The awards show was cancelled because of the writers' strike so her award was announced in a taped special on CBS hosted by actress-singer Queen Latifah. Congrats, chica!


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Khaidji said...

Superstar Rihanna

Sleep well little Robyn, you’ve sung us your song
Umbrella has been raising all the year long
People from far and near
Enjoy your good cheer
Reaching them with a message of
Sweet goodness and love
This Christmas be happy wherever you are
And shine brilliantly cause you’re our superstar
Remember old friends
Return to beginnings
It’s that time of the year to
Have love ones near you
A gift of love came when Jesus was born
Now millions celebrate it on Christmas morn
Noel is the time to spread peace, love and good cheer
And you’ve the talent to spread them all year

Happy New Year!