Friday, January 04, 2008

Candidates for St. George South

Ian Gill - BLP
One of the two first-timers facing the polls in the St. George South riding, Ian "Cupid" Gill is a popular DJ on the Starcom Network, and is also a Project Manager and Financial Economist. He can talk up a storm for sure; whether he's convinced anyone to feel the love is another matter.

Dr. Esther Suckoo - DLP
Family physician Dr. Esther Suckoo has come out swinging, and she seems very business-like. If she gets the nod and holds to her promises she should do good things in St George South.

Photo: BLP/DLP


Jdid said...

maybe the lady can pull this one off

Khaidji said...

Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo

Delightfully calming, yet still aggressive, she’s sweet
Riveting in speech, she always gives a treat
Every time she speaks I always stop to hear
She brings a freshness with her amicable air
The folk in St. Geoge South should be very happy
Having someone as educated and as caring as she
Equipped to go toe to toe with experienced men
Regardless to what ever topic they bring
Byer was her name when I first met her
Young and enthusiastic then and easy to admire
Exceptional back then with the way she would plan
Retail at the Stationery for the common man
She introduced special packages that they may save
Usually on the time they spent and the money they gave
Come today the remarkable Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo
Keeps interest on the common people and their care too
Our people should be proud to have her smiling face
Out there politicking in the electoral race