Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rihanna tats up again + Look who's all grown up

Home girl Rihanna was recently out and about in Los Angeles, shopping and visiting a tattoo parlour. Young, Black and Fabulous had the pics:

Her body is a canvas, I guess....

And look who's all grown up and looking fabulous...

None other than Keshia Knight Pulliam, little Rudy Huxtable of Cosby Show fame. She grow up too sweet.

Well, folks, it's a long weekend here so I'll catch you sometime on Monday. I'll try to post up the new Cabinet as soon as I get the info. Blessings and have a great weekend!


Jdid said...

enjoy the 4 day weekend, a jealous

Khaidji said...

There are some things we wish we were able to control. Many parents fight hard to preserve their children but in the battle, parents often lose. I think what we do today may come back and haunt us tomorrow so if we are going to be marked for life, chose the self sure, time tested way. Bajegirl wrote about Rihanna’s trip to the Tattoo parlor.

She Is Marked For Life

Some call me old fashion cause I believe
Having a tattoo is foolish and ill-conceive’
Etching symbols to blemish natural beauty
Introducing permanent fixtures on a changing body
Sure they may look good and appealing today
Many are creative and attractively portray
A time in your life or your feelings when
Radical behavior was the way and the trend
Kissable lips, hearts and butterflies
Every imaginable symbol to catch the eyes
Drawn with indelible ink under the skin
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Once committed there is no turning back
Removal is difficult so get on the right track
Let your show of expressions be in your qualities
In the life you live and your amities
Fix a solid foundation from the things you choose
Embellish yourself with character and not tattoos