Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Candidates for St. James South

Elizabeth Thompson - BLP
Minister of Energy and the Environment Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson can probably write a book about her life in politics so far. One of the shining lights of an early Arthur administration and dubbed one of the three "power puff girls" (along with DPM Mia Mottley and Dame Billie Miller), she was later fired from her post as Minister of Health. She was resurrected politically by Arthur a few years later and appointed as Minister of Housing, before being switched to her current portfolio a year later.

A flamboyant personality, Liz Thompson is highly expected to retain her seat. That is, if she can stay out of trouble between now and the 15th.

Donville Inniss - DLP
Businessman Donville Inniss may be a newcomer to the polls, but he's no stranger to the public eye. The Rotarian and DLP Treasurer was at the centre of controversy in 2001 and it may have come back to haunt him. Good luck with that, Mr. Inniss.

Photos: BLP/DLP

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