Monday, March 09, 2009

Six reasons why Rihanna would marry Chris Brown

Something stinks to high heaven about the rumours circulating about Rihanna and that lil boy Chris Brown.

All last week the net was inundated with stories of her being back with Brown, married to Brown, pregnant for Brown, beating up Brown first and to be honest I'm over trying to figure out the truth from the lies.

I think the biggest problem with this drama is that both Rihanna and Chris Brown's publicists are spinning out of control. A lot of bs is being slung and I fear it's all for 'operation save Chris Brown's career' and not for Rihanna's benefit. As far as I'm concerned, the whole make up/marriage thing is a publicity stunt and I ain't believing a word until I hear it from Rihanna's own lips.

I mean, really, why would Rihanna commit the rest of her life to a person who assaulted and threatened to kill her? I tried to think of some reasons why:

1) She wanted to see Chris Brown in a suit. Granted, it's the most mature I've seen him look, since he often looks as though he's dressed by a group of deranged Sesame Street muppets. That suit would look real nice with a pair of handcuffs though....

2. She's really pregnant. Well, time will tell soon enough 'cause as we Bajans say, you can hide and buy land, but you can't hide and work it.

3) All her friends are doing it. Beyonce and Jay-Z got married recently, maybe Rihanna wanted to give it a try too.

4) She's passionately, blindly in love with Brown. She would have to be, to think that nothing says love like a smack in the face.

5) She's getting bad advice. Already proven.

6) She's mad as *ss. Rihanna has exhibited some questionable behaviour in the past, but unless all the good sense got knocked outa her head in her recent altercation, I would like to believe she's still sane.

But, what do I know? The chile's own father doesn't know what's going on. All I know is that if she marries or for that matter reconciles with Brown, she's going to squander a lot of goodwill being sent her way.


Danz said...

LOL @ 1 and 5...totally agree! Seriously tho, this is a difficult situation made even worse by the constant public scrutiny (as is to be expected). I'm not the biggest fan of rihanna but she caught up in a real mess right now and I hope she finds her way out of it soon.

Anonymous said...

Take it and twist or color it, it still should spell marriage. Nothing should cause a person to overlook this rock start of what should be a romantic journey.

Bajegirl you did and I did too. One of the obvious reasons that women cling to their men is when the “angle of the dangle is directly proportionate to the urged to surge and the heat of the meat remains constant”. This juvenile play which helped us remember laws in chemistry still remains true. Confused?

So Confused

Such a body would look good in a suit
Only I’d accentuate it with shackles and handcuff the brut
Claims that she’s pregnant wouldn’t need her to admit
One can hide and buy land but one can’t hide and work it
Now all her friends took the plunge so she wants to too
Falling into passionate love blinds a person into whimsical taboo
Unfortunately she’s been listening to quacks again
Sustained a blow in the altercation that sent her insane
Even with all these possibilities she still shouldn’t marry
Domestic Violence is only the precursor of Murder, its family

An Acrostic Poem from The Bajan Poetry Society

PoetryDaughter said...

i hope that she will learn some sense. her face is her fortune, even if she could not sing and dance, she could still make money from her look. but once her face is ruined, so is her fortune. why she would allow herself to be damaged is beyond me. maybe she could talk with allison hinds and learn about Women Power...

Anonymous said...


I know you are madly in love with Chris Brown and probably can't see life without him--but that is a decision you have to make. You are willing to have your career damaged by remaining with him. I believe that he would ABSOLUTELY NOT jeopardize HIS CAREER to be with you if the situation were reversed.

Chris is selfish, immature and at 19 already a batterer of women. I hope that you decide to move on with you life and your brilliant career.