Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh Evander... (Click for larger view)

Well, by now the whole world must have heard about four-time World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield's financial woes. Apart from foreclosing on his 109-room, 54,000 square foot Atlanta home, he apparently owes $5000,000 in landscaping fees and child support to one of the mothers of his nine children. To read the full story, click here.

Dayum. It's sad when a man can have a lucrative 24-year career, including earning $34,000,000 in one fight alone, then to come to this. Wanna bet paying for his house did him in? The pool alone looks expensive to maintain.... (Click for larger view)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Should Obama make Clinton his running mate?

Now that Barack Obama has been given the nod by his party, the next question on everyone's lips is who will be his running mate?

Obama has chosen a team to help choose his potential Vice President and word is that his opponent in the primary, Hillary Clinton, wants the second spot. Some of her supporters appear to think it's her right and out of respect Obama should offer her the spot.

Well, who knows what Obama's going to do, but what do you think? Should he bring Hillary Clinton, who had taken a few pot shots at him during the campaign, on to his slate?

Vote in the side bar, peoples.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Let the Games begin...

At last. After 17 months of campaigning, debating and in some cases mud-slinging, Senator Barack Obama has created history by being the first black candidate nominated by a major party in USA to run for presidential office.

You can read the story here. It will be interesting to see if he chooses Hillary Clinton as his running mate...