Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BMA Red Carpet - The couples

And on to the couples. Thanks once more to Photoboss.

Velvet-voiced singer Dwane Husbands holds an armful of gorgeous on the red carpet.

I almost didn't recognise Biggie Irie wihtout his trademark cap. His companion is wearing one of the more unique dresses of the night.

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley and his wife are looking dapper and coordinated.

Attorney and up-and-coming politico Santia Bradshaw is a head turner in this red and black ruffled number. Her boyfriend Tony Hoyos doesn't clean up too badly either.

This daring number looks good - on this young lady. It should never be accessorized with back fat.

Another unique, daring number. But I can hardly see past the eye shadow.

Full blown gorgeous dress.

Multiple BMA winner Anderson 'Blood' Armstrong and his date are cute in red.

BMA's Red Carpet - The men

As promised, here are some more photos from the red carpet of the Barbados Music Awards 2011, again thanks to Photoboss.

These two are ready for their audition for Men in Black 3.

Different looks, different style, same cool effect. Though I'm not totally sold on the white shoes. Leave that for Richard Stoute, guy on right.

Why so serious, Ram? All that patting and cranking have you tired?

I'm not sure if this look was intentional so let's not call it a homage to Michael...

Things that make you go hmm on the St. John by-election trail....

The by-election in the parish of St. John is in full swing, with the usual bickering and personal attacks that have come to personify Bajan election campaigns. Hardly any of the speakers are attempting to deal with the real issues that are affecting the rural parish, amd frankly I can't wait for January 20th to come just to get it over with.

For those persons not following the Barbadian political scene, the DLP is being represented by the widow of former Prime Minister, David Thompson, and the BLP by businessman Hudson Griffith.

The general consensus is that Griffith doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell to win the seat, since St. John has been a DLP stronghold for over 50 years. But, you never know in politics.

The comments being made on the campaign trail range from the ridiculous to the hilarious, with a good dose of defamatory on the side. Below are just some of the things that make me go hmmmm as I read the coverage.

1) Where have all these former BLP Cabinet ministers like Anthony Wood and Noel Lynch reapppeared from all of a sudden? Is their presence on the platform an indication that they plan to run in the next general election?

2) Why is the DLP treating the St. John Polyclinic like a political football? Either complete the structure or demolish it already!

3) Has roast breadfruit replaced corned beef and biscuits in politics in Bim?

4) Why is Opposition Leader Owen Arthur fixating on Mara Thompson being born in St. Lucia, when for decades he has been seen as a proponent of the CSME and CARICOM unity?

5)Why is the BLP drawing attention to Mrs. Thompson's land of birth when its own candidate was born in St. Vincent?

Just wondering....


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barbados Music Awards Red Carpet - The women

No awards show is complete without red carpet coverage, and the Barbados Music Awards is no different. Here are photos of some of the ladies who graced the carpet, courtesy of PhotoBoss.

I'm not sure, but I think blue is her favourite colour....

Song bird Indra Rudder's (left) snug-fitting metallic dress falls short of looking glam because of its pairing with some rather sinister looking boots. Girl, you better run, PETA's coming your way....

Entertainer Ayana John nails it in this sparkly blue number.

NCF CEO Dr. Donna Hunte-Cox (right) and her companion look lovely, but they're in danger of being upstaged by their eyeshadow.

Singer extraordinaire Ria Borman looks every inch a star. I never realised how much she looks like M'onique....

Uhmm, poet lady whose name I can't recall, Halloween is long gone. Unless you're trying to match your makeup with your shoes....

Words fail me. Next.

What in the Bride of Frankenstein hell happened here? But she has such a sweet smile though.

Stop tugging the dress down. It was short when you left home. You look nice, though.

See, ladies. It's possible to be covered up and still look great.

Aww. This little angel stole the show. This is how you work a red carpet! Tomorrow, the men and couples.

You too can smell like Rihanna

Well, home girl Rihanna is not only burning up the charts and winning awards like sand, she's now venturing into the area already explored by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, J-Lo and Beyonce, a signature fragrance.

The scent Reb'l Fleur, which will hit Macy's stores on January 25, is also, if you recall, a statement tattooed on Rihanna' neck.

The perfume is said to be a mixture of her Caribbean upbringing with ripe fruits and sumptuous florals, as well as a musky mix of vanilla, patchouli and amber.

Sounds good. My birthday's coming up, btw....

Rihanna, Blood top BMA'S 2011

Hey, peoples! It's January so you know it's time again for the annual Barbados Music Awards, which were held last Saturday evening at the Wildey Gym.

Bajan super star Rihanna headed the list of winners, landing a total of six. She took the awards for Entertainer Of The Year (female), Song Of The Year, Best Collaboration, Best Pop/Rock/Alternative/Dance Artist/Group and Album Of The Year/ Music Video Of The Year (female).

Following his successful run at Crop-Over 2010, Anderson “Blood” Armstrong landed five awards, including Producer Of The Year.

See a complete list of the winners below. Congrats to all!

Band Of The Year – krosfyah

Female Entertainer Of The Year – Rihanna

Male Entertainer of the Year – Blood

Instrumentalist of the Year – Arturo Tappin

Best Reggae/Dancehall (Artiste/Group) – Buggy Nhakente

Best Soca/Ragga soca/Calypso (Artiste/Group) – Anderson Blood Armstrong

Best New (Artiste/Group) – St Leonard’s Boys’ Choir

Best Gospel (Artiste) – Toni Norville

Best Soul/R&B (Artistes/Group) – Shontelle

Best Jazz (Artiste/Group) – Arturo Tappin

Best Rap/Hip Hop (Artiste/Group) – Danny Reid

Choir/Chorale Of The Year – St Leonard’s Boys’ Choir

Song Of The Year – Rihanna (Rude Girl)

Best Collaboration (Love The Way You Lie) – Eminem featuring Rihanna

Best Soca Single (Female) – Indrani (Fyah Wata)

Best Ragga/Mid-Tempo Single (Female) – TC (Down De Road)

Best Social Commentary (Male) – Red Plastic Bag (Signs)

Best Social Commentary (Female) – TC (Stimulus)

Best Pop/Rock/Alternative/Dance Single – Rihanna (Rude Boy)

Best Reggae/Dancehall Single – High Grade (Pressure Point)

Best Gospel/Inspirational Single – Toni Norville (Reach Out In Faith)

Pop/Rock/Alternative/Dance Artiste/Group – Rihanna

Compilation Of The Year (Various) – Soca Dons And Divas

Album Of The Year (Artiste/Group) – Rihanna (Rated R)

Producer Of The Year – Anderson Blood Armstrong

Songwriter Of The Year – Mr Dale

Music Video Of The Year (Male) – Edwin Yearwood (Chrissening)

Music Video Of The Year (Female) – Rihanna (Rude Boy)

Best Soul/R&B/Hip Hop Single – Shontelle (Impossible)

People’s Choice – High Grade

Friday, January 07, 2011

Happy New Year, y'all!

Hey, my peoples! Happy New Year to you all. I've finally shrugged off the cobwebs of a warm and fuzzy Christmas and and am ready to face 2011. And how the year has started...

Two murders; a sick Cabinet member; the front bench Gods shining on Kellman at last and giving him a pick; Mara Thompson taking up the mantle of her late husband David in St. John - and it's only January 7!

As for the by-election in St. John, I wish Mrs. Thompson the best of luck. She's the last person I figured would end up in the political foray, but life is funny that way. Anyway, the seat is hers to lose, as it's been a DLP stronghold for the past 50 odd years.

I see that Opposition Leader Owen Arthur has declared that there will be no special treatment for Mara Thompson. He will be well advised to focus his attacks on the DLP and not on the still grieving widow Mara, because he might end up turning off the entire populace....