Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Question and answer time

From time to time I get mail from my readers, and so I decided to set aside today's post to respond to some of the questions posed by you my loyal blog readers. Here goes...

How come you don't write about Rihanna so much anymore?
From the time Rihanna burst on to the scene back in 2005, she's been a staple here at Cheese-on-bread. I've blogged about her triumphs, her relationship and her trials. I especially tried to impart advice to a then teenage Bajan thrust into the spotlight at the tender age of 17.

Now that Rih-Rih's a hard-backed 22-year-old woman, moving men into her house and thing, well, she don't need no advice from me. Not that she asked for it anyhow. I'll still blog about her though, don't worry.

Have you banned politics from the blog?
Not at all. It's just that I get so little time to blog these days, the last thing I want to write about is poliicians. Except Obama, he's special.

When are you going to finish that story you keep teasing us about?
Lord knows. Hopefully before my son goes to primary school. Just kidding. As soon as I get a chance, I have to fine tune the first few chapters before I begin posting them up. And for those who're wondering what the plot will be about this time around, it will include inter-racial relationships, abandoned kids and marriage blues.

When are you next going to do a fave list?
I have a topic in mind but as it's a short week I'll do it next week.

How come you didn't blog about the accusations made against Dr. David Estwick recently?
You mean the Gaza vs. Gully conflict part 2? I'll address that in my midterm review of the Cabinet soon.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shontelle's 'Impossible' Video Is Here!

Check out the just-released video for Bajan superstar Shontelle's megahit, 'Impossible'. The singer/songwriter is signed to Universal Motown Records and SRP Records, the same label known for discovering fellow Bajan Rihanna. The video was directed by TAJ, the protégé of Anthony Mandler, who has worked with Rihanna on a dozen of her videos.

“Impossible” is the lead single off of Shontelle’s upcoming album, No Gravity, out in Spring 2010. You can follow her on Twitter @Shontelle_Layne.

Great job, Shontelle. Do you, baby, do you.

Video courtesy of Jared of

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barbados Not Feeling the Vybz

Well, Gaza and Gully won't be sharing a stage in Barbados this weekend after all. Prime Minister David Thompson just concluded his post-Cabinet press conference, where he stated that the decision was taken to cancel the show....again.

Wuhloss. First it was on, then it was off. Then it was on. Now it's off, again. In between there we've had Ministers intervening, cops backraising each other (a long story) and accusations flying left and right. Talk 'bout gully versus Gaza. I know somebody's gonna get sued over this....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama's Health Care Reform Bill passes

Congrats to US President Barack Obama, who won a hard-fought battle that culminated in his Health Care Reform Bill passing in the House last night.

Although the war is far from over, since the republican machinery is currently appealing the Bill, the Prez can still savour this victory. I just hope it hasn't come at too high a price, namely his chances of a second term.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who's to blame?

Hey, peoples. Well for the past week or so debate has been raging on - again - about the indiscipline exhibited by some of our young people. Fingers are being pointed at parents, teachers, the minibus culture, the radio broadcasters, Vybz Kartel and Movado... but who's really to blame for the way some of these youngsters are acting these days?

I say, we're all to blame. From the day Bajans could no longer correct each others' children; from the day parents started going to schools and cursing and beating teachers for disciplining their children; from the day society just got so busy that its youngest members got left behind, we failed our children and ultimately we failed ourselves.

Finger pointing only takes you so far, and we've been going around in circles with this topic of youth indiscipline for far too long. Let's get some sort of dialogue going with the youth themselves because they have a lot of the answers to this problem.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Survivin' the flu....

Hey, peoples. I'm back after surviving the horrible flu that's going around in Bim these days. Hope you all are okay out there.

So, what's went on in the world when I was on my sick bed? Well, we're still experiencing a drought. Ain't seen rain in months. I hope when the rains so come we don't drown because Mother Nature is doing some odd things these days.

We've had over 1000 fires so far this year as well, mostly cane and bush fires. Our fire officers have to be commended for their hard work, because since January, the firebug has been raging out of control.

On the political front, PM David Thompson has shuffled out his Minister of State responsible for Immigration, Sen. Arni Walters, and made him Executive Board Chairman of the Barbados Water Authority. Good luck up in the Pine, Arni. Word is more changes are coming to the Cabinet as well.

What else? Oh, congrats to actress Mo'Nique, who copped the Best Supporting Actress award at last Sunday's Academy Awards. Well done, Ms. Mo'nique.