Friday, February 22, 2008

The good, the bad and the funny of the Rihanna tribute concert cont'd UPDATED

Sorry for the break folks but had to deal with some other business. Still waiting on my pics...this is what happens when you can't go and take 'em yourself....

Anyhoo, let me get to it and I'll post up the pics later. (UPDATED with pics)

The good

1. Rihanna was designated an honorary Youth and Cultural Ambassador. I was honestly thinking they would have awarded her a National Honour such as a GCM or SCM, but that may be coming in November in the Independence Honours....

2. Corporate Barbados stepped up and gave her some serious tangible rewards, such as a lot at the exclusive Apes Hill project in St. James, a Range Rover and jewellery.

3. The outpouring of love from Barbadians, from the airport to Independence Square, was a beautiful sight. I'm just sorry the girl had to wait till she won a Grammy (despite winning numerous other awards) to get all this fuss made of her but better late than never I guess.

4. Bajans got two superstars for the price of one - her rumoured boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown accompanied her to the event, which created quite a stir. More on that in the bad section.

5. The musical talent on display at the concert was outstanding - for the most part. Paula Hinds and Co., Red Plastic Bag, Arturo Tappin and crew, Biggie Irie and Shontelle were the standouts for me. Livvi Frank and Richard Stoute get honourable mentions.

Gallimaufry blog
6. Independence Square is really turning into a prime venue for these outdoor events. The setting for the event was spectacular and the raising of the Chamberlain Bridge to allow the yacht bringing Rihanna to the concert to enter was a great touch.

7. On that same point, why were people sitting on the base of the statue of the Right Excellent Errol Barrow? Aren't there rules about climbing on the statues of national figures?

The bad
1. The emceeing duo of the night, Kevin "KB Kleen" Hinds and DJ Hurricane lowered the tone of the event. I've seen KB do a good job of emceeing in the past so I'm not sure what went wrong last night. He cracked inappropriate jokes, repeatedly referred to the Prime Minister as "David" (I know they went to the same school but have some respect for the man's post!) and harassed Chris Brown relentlessly. The first time he questioned Brown about whether he was Rihanna's boyfriend was funny, after doing it repeatedly it was just annoying and tacky.

Hurricane only escaped the criticism heaped on Hinds because she really didn't do much, except toss out the occasional "if you love Rih-Rih, scream!". The whole point of having two emcees is for one to pull the other back if he/she's going too far but that didn't happen.

2. Nothing against Lil Rick, but why was he even on the programme? His wuk-up routine to 'Can't Wait' was totally unnecessary, and coming after Ayana John and Buggy's rendition of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' it was really jarring. Not to mention the back up singers walked off and left him on the stage. Now that was embarrassing....

3. Barbados' first Grammy awardee, musician Jimmy Haynes, who produced the 1986 Steel Pulse classic 'Babylon The Bandit', needed to understand the protocol for being honoured at an event. You sit in the front row at the event and listen to the accolades bestowed on you. At some point you stand and receive the applause and wave politely to the audience. You DO NOT go on the stage and make a fool of yourself!

I didn't recognise Haynes when he first invaded the stage and my first thought was "damn, even the vagrants in town have dressed up for the occasion". He did somersaults on the stage, grabbed one of the back-up singers byt he waist, stripped off a few items of his clothing and made quite a spectacle of himself. Biggie Irie, who was performing at the time, didn't miss a beat though. Now that's professionalism.

4. The CBC TV announcer doing the links between the tv audience and the concert, Cassandra Samuels, appreared lost at points. Actually, she would have been a better choice of female emcee for the show than Hurricane, seeing as how she was actually dressed appropriately for the event.

The funny
1. When Rihanna disembarked from the yacht dressed in her chic yellow dress, I noticed that a burly police officer was holding her yellow handbag. And was he ever! That policeman had the bag "mek up" like he was out with it on a date. Too funny.

2. Chris Brown's look of excitement when he sailed into the Careenage and saw the massive crowd waiting on his "best friend" was priceless. I bet you don't get made such a fuss of at home, right Chris? That's how we do it in Bim, my brother.

Photos:, Oh, Ultimate Rihanna. com

The good, the bad and the funny of the Rihanna tribute concert

Thousands of Barbadians flocked to Independence Square last night to a free concert/birthday party for local Grammy winner Rihanna. Many of the things that occurred there are stirring up heated debate on the call in programme this morning and I decided that I would do a rundown of the good, bad and funny of the evening. I'm still awaiting the pics for u so I'll probably insert those into the rundown later.

Before that though, I came across some pics of Rihanna's arrival at the airport, courtesy of the websites Ultimate Rihanna and Nation

Rihanna was greeted on the tarmac by Prime Minister of Barbados, David Thompson, and his wife Mara (far left).

Several presentations were made to Rihanna in the VIP Lounge.

After emerging to a rapturous welcome by hundreds of Barbadians, Rihanna was treated to performances by students from her alma maters Charles F. Broome Primary and Combermere.

Then she was off in a motorcade from the airport to her hotel, where she rested up for the evening's festivities.

I'll deal with the good, the bad and the funny of the tribute show a bit later.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rihanna's back in Bim

No pics are available yet but I can tell you that Rihanna landed at the Grantley Adams International Airport just around 4 p.m., where she was met by Prime Minister David Thompson and other Cabinet ministers.

At this time she is being treated to presentations by students from her alma maters Charles F. Broome Primary and Combermere School. Later this evening at 7:00, she will be the guest of honour at a free concert at Independence Square entitled “Believe - a Tribute to Rihanna” and featuring a host of local artistes including Shontelle, Edwin, Livvi Frank, Lil Rick, Arturo Tappin, Kid Site and calypso monarch Red Plastic Bag.

The promoters said that the audience will also have an opportunity to learn more about the “Believe” Foundation, a public charity organisation created by Rihanna dedicated to assisting terminally ill children worldwide. Its mission is to assist and inspire children who suffer from life-threatening diseases including cancer, leukaemia and HIV/AIDS.

Another honouree at the concert will be Barbadian musician Jimmy Haynes, who produced the 1986 Steel Pulse classic Babylon “The Bandit”, which garnered the group a best reggae album Grammy award.

The tribute will be performed by Nicholas Brancker and his orchestra, with vocals by guest artist, Biggie Irie.

Stay tuned for more info and pics.


Celebrity baby revealed

You people know your celeb babies! Then again, I don't really focus on too many celebrities here so it was forgone conclusion, right?

You guessed it...the celebrity baby is....

Barbados' biggest export after sugar cane, Rihanna.

Next time I'll make it a little harder.

Guess the celebrity baby

Who is this beautiful, bouncing bundle of joy? I'll tell you later....

Wuh really gine on 'bout hair?

I listened in amazement this morning to a news report in which it was stated that the tertiary level institution the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP) had enforced a ban on students wearing their hair dreadlocked unless they were Rastafarian. Apparently the ban barred five young men from completing their two-year programme at the institution.

I thought I had misunderstood the news item and scrambled to read the details in the newspaper. According to the DAILY NATION, deputy principal of the SJPP, Merton Forde, confirmed the ban and said if the students were willing to show they belonged to the Rastafarian sector, they would not be barred from any classes.

"We have regulations concerning the type of headdress considered to be unhealthy to students around them. We expect students to conform to those regulations. The students were told that their dreadlocks would not have been a problem once they are part of the Rastafarian faith," Forde said.

One of the affected students, Carlos Adams, 22, of the Electrical Department, said that since last Wednesday, there were a series of meetings about how he and four other males should wear their hair. They are in the Electrical Engineering, Micro-Electronics and Refrigeration and Engineering departments.

When they returned to class last Friday, personnel from Student Affairs asked for letters stating their dreadlocks were religion-related. Failing that, they would have to cut their hair in order to attend classes.

Adams said: "The only way we are allowed into our class is with a letter from the Rastafarian organisations [but] the organisation said they cannot issue letters to people with long hair. You are a brethren because of your heart.

"I think it is some sort of prejudice. Why should I bring in a letter saying that I am some part of a movement . . . . We are not little kids going to school up here. We are not seeking to change the rules in the institution. We just want to go to class."

Damien Weekes, 24, also of the Electrical Department said security personnel refused to let him enter the institution last Friday with his hairstyle.

In the past, Weekes unlocked his hair and wore his hair in an afro style because personnel felt the students could conceal weapons under the tams (headdress) worn over the dreadlocked hair.

Adams and Weekes said when they attended the interview and orientation sessions, they were told that dreadlocked hair was not a problem, as long as it was well groomed and pulled backwards.

The students are in the final semester of their first year of their two-year programmes. They are missing the core subject, electrical installation,
and if they don't successfully complete this, they say they cannot go on
to pursue studies for their City Guild certificate."

Let me say first of all that I think I understand why the SJPP feels it has to enforce this ban. Whether we choose to admit it or not, there's a sub-culture in Barbados that has a propensity for lawlessness and it would appear as though many of the proponents of this behaviour wear dreadlocked/plaited/twisted hair. By that same token I know many men and women who wear that hairstyle who are not lawless, myself included.

But as human beings we love to categorise and lump everyone in to the same box, so if it so happens that more than half of the young men who appear before the Courts have plaited hair, every young man in Barbados with plaited hair is a criminal.

But what really makes me wonder if the SJPP sought legal advice on this matter is on God's green earth can you provide documentation to prove that you are a Rastafarian? Who in Barbados can you get to authenticate such a thing? Dr. Ikael Tafari of the Pan African Commission? Or do you have to write to Haile Selassie? Is there is a world body of Rastafarians who give out certificates? Do you have to sit an exam to prove that you are a true true Rasta? And what does the SJPP mean when it talks about headdress that is "unhealthy"?

And another thing, the story didn't say whether women were affected by this ban. Hundreds of women in Barbados right now wear their hair in some type of natural style and many of them aren't Rastafarian. Are they being barred from classes too or are only males being targetted? So many instances of discrimination are evident here that I wonder if the SJPP has really thought this through.

I sympathise with them because I'm also concerned about the path many of our young men and women are taking into lives of crime and drugs, but to target those with natural hairstyles is a knee-jerk response. Why should these young men be barred from finishing their studies and leading productive lives because they made a hairstyle choice? The news story alluded to persons with dreadlocs hiding weapons under their tams...Muslim students also wear a headdress. I say nothing more.

Photo: Carlos Adams (foreground) and Damien Weekes, students of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, have been called upon to change their hairstyles. (Pictures by Charles Grant -

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rihanna hits the Brit Awards

Rihanna is scheduled to arrive in Barbados on Thursday at around 3:00 p.m. but before she comes home to a heroine's welcome she's still has her celeb appearances to make.

Last night she walked the red carpet at the Brit Awards in London. I wonder if she gets tired of posing for photographs?


Rihanna Live in England - Breakin' Dishes

Rihanna - Rehab

I'm not quite sure if this is the official video for this song because it contains clips from multiple Rihanna music videos, but it's well done nevertheless.

Rihanna - We Ride

Happy birthday, Rih-Rih!

Cheese-on-bread extends Happy Birthday greetings to Barbados' Grammy award winning singer, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

As if winning a Grammy isn't enough of a birthday gift, Rihanna will be the guest of honour at a big blowout tomorrow in Independence Square in Barbados. Not a bad way to mark your 20th year at all.

To mark what people here are dubbing International Rihanna Day, throughout the day I'll be posting some of her music videos, especially the ones that we don't see too often. Enjoy!

Photo: Rihanna blows out the candles of her recent birthday party in Los Angeles. (

National strike averted

Well, the national strike slated for today has been called off, or according to BWU General Secretary Sir Roy Trotman, deferred. All the sides involved aren't surrendering their positions so I suspect this may drag on for long.

You can read the full story here.

Photo: Prime Minister David Thompson (at right) and Barbados Workers' Union (BWU) general secretary Sir Roy Trotman greeted each other cordially at yesterday's meeting of the Social Partnership at Sherbourne Conference Centre. After that meeting – the first for Prime Minister Thompson – it was announced the islandwide strike planned for today by the union had been called off. Sir Roy described the development as "a deferral to allow the Government to be able to use its office in the interest of all of the country". The job of finding a solution to the two industrial disputes that led to the BWU's threatened action is now on the shoulders of Arni Walters, Minister of State with special responsibility for Employment and Labour Relations and Social Partnership. (

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday links

PM Thompson heads to T&T
Let's all pray for Guyana
Hasta luego, Fidel
More from Bartica, Guyana

Obama gets sweet support

Photo: A relative of one of the 13 people slaughtered on Sunday night when a gang rampaged through Bartica in the Essequibo River, being comforted at the Lyken Funeral Parlour yesterday. (Picture by Clairmonte Marcus.)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rihanna to be feted on Thursday

Grammy award-winning Barbadian singer Rihanna will be the guest of honour at a concert held in Independence Square on Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

I understand that the event will also be doubling as a birthday celebration for the star, whose 20th birthday will be on Wednesday.

According to the local media, Rihanna will be met at the Grantley Adams International Airport that evening by an official delegation and escorted to the picturesque city venue.

Well, it's not often a prophet is recognised in his own land and I dare say it's about time Rih-Rih was officially recognised. Anyone who's read this blog over the past year knows that I've not always been complimentary of everything she does but I try never to criticise for criticising sake. The world loves Rihanna and she's being recognised all over the place so home drums should beat first.

I'll try to get some pics from the event for all you Rihanna fans out there.

A Royal mess

Well, it's looking like Barbados is headed for a national strike on Wednesday.

I told you recently about the Barbados Workers' Union's battle with the local jewellery store Royal Shop, followed closely by its impasse with Sandy Lane Hotel. Since then, the union and the private sector employers have been deadlocked in negotiations.

Chief Labour Officer Edla Lowe met today with all the parties involved to push for a settlement, but all sides have publicly indicated they were firm in their positions.

Failure to get a compromise could result, in the first instance, in an islandwide strike on Wednesday.

According to the DAILY NATION, "the central issue in both cases has to do with the dismissal of workers, as the employers stand their ground not to rehire the 29 people involved in the disputes.

The workers had walked off the job in a show of support for colleagues whom they felt had been unfairly treated by management at the two businesses.

The more pressing issue at this stage is with The Royal Shop where 12 workers were dismissed on February 1 and against which the union has already formed a picket line. The next step is intensified action involving BWU members across the country in a show of solidarity.

If there is no solution at the meeting between the BWU and The Royal Shop this afternoon at 2 p.m. then the matter is expected to be high on the agenda of the Social Partnership meeting scheduled for Government Headquarters.

The union has, however, started putting plans in place for a strike on Wednesday as all its committees of management will be meeting at the Solidarity House headquarters this afternoon at 5 p.m.

Prior to The Royal Shop meeting, the BWU and Sandy Lane will meet under Lowe's chairmanship. The union has given the hotel until Wednesday to settle the dispute relating to the dismissal of 17 workers. The union wants them reinstated but Sandy Lane is adamant it will not take them back.

Wednesday's threatened industrial action will occur on a day when thousands of cruise ship passengers visit the island".

Well, well. The last time I saw this level of adamance a whole Government fell. I hope a compromise can be reached for the good of the economy, but if the country has to shut down so those folks can get their jobs back , so be it. I know there's more than one side to every story but both employers have acted in bad faith by firing employees who go on strike. Most of the time when employees strike it's never only for the matter at hand but for a whole list of reasons.

And then there's the matter of persons urging the Prime Minister to jump into the fray. The Thompson Administration has inherited a fine kettle of fish from the previous administration. We've grown accustomed to former PM Arthur being called in to settle every dispute and while there's no doubt that his involvement yielded results, I used to wonder what was the role of the Chief Labour officer and the Minister of Labour.

Anyway, we'll watch and see how things turn out. Wednesday is a busy day at the Bridgetown Port so a strike's gonna hurt big time....

Photo: After a glass-breaking incident during the wee hours of Saturday, The Royal Shop management took the precaution over the weekend to put up shutters. The police were called in to investigate a complaint of vandalism at the store as the Barbados Workers' Union intensified its industrial action. (

Friday, February 15, 2008

Rihanna and Chris Brown go public

I was just saying a few days ago that I had to keep an eye on Rihanna and her "best friend" Chris Brown, and lo and behold I stumbled across a story about Rihanna's surprise birthday party on Wednesday night. (Her birthday is actually on February 20.)

According to the entertainment site E Online, friends threw Rihanna a surprise birthday party in a private room at Les Deux nightclub in Los Angeles, and the Grammy-winner showed up at the hand-in-hand with R&B singer Chris Brown.

"Rihanna looked so happy and excited to be there," says one partygoer. When the birthday babe, in a lacy, cream-colored tube top and a pencil skirt, hit the ladies' room, Chris busted out some of his signature moves. The talented dude even had a dance-off with another guest. At 1:45 a.m., the deejay played Rihanna's megahit "Umbrella" in her honour."

Well, they're both young, rich and cute so hey, the world's their oyster. If that Chris Brown is as nice as he is talented Rihanna's a lucky girl, that's for sure....

Have a good weekend!

Photo: E Online

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whitney's on the comeback trail + Arnold gets hitched

One of my fave songstresses of the 80's and 90's, Whitney Houston, seems to be firmly back on her feet after her dark episode with drugs. She recently attended Clive Davis’ annual Pre Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and she looked better than she has in years.

Welcome back, Whitney. Show these new wannabe 'divas' what real singing's about...

And another fave from way back in the day, Gary Coleman, aka Arnold Drummond of Different Strokes fame revealed yesterday that he's been married since August last year to 22 year-old Shannon Price.

This guy could do with a break after his past financial sorrows. I hope he gets it....


Monday, February 11, 2008

Rihanna's Grammy moments UPDATED

Hi,peoples, hope you all had a good weekend. Sorry for the late posting but I was under the weather today and then the internet was crawling along like molasses.

Well, by now you must all know that our girl Rihanna has won her first Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for her hit song, "Umbrella", and she beat out Kanye West, Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown and Akon to do it. Barbadians across the globe are bursting with pride and I guess she's kissed and made up with us 'cause she sure gave us a warm shout out.:)

Let's recap her night in pictures...

Rihanna arrived at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles in a flirty, though complicated blue Zac Posen number.

People Magazine

Later that evening, she performed with Morris Day and the band The Time. Rihanna looked as though she were auditioning for a part in the local Bajan group the Grass Skirt Posse, but she somehow pulled it off.

Young, Black & Fabulous

People Magazine

Nominated for six Grammys, Rihanna did Barbados proud by winning one, and couldn't contain her own excitement. She and duet partner Jay-Z created one of the night's comedic moments during her acceptance speech. She wrangled a reluctant Jay-Z on to the stage to accept the award with her, and then he proceded to "interpret" everything she said. At least that's how it appeared to me. At one point she shooed him away from the microphone and he grinned, shrugged and let her carry on.

Young, Black & Fabulous

After the Grammy Awards, Rihanna passed through a few after-parties, including the Entertainment Weekly/Def Jam after-party.

People Magazine

She also hit up Universal Music's after party, where she hung out with her "best friend" Chris Brown. (I'm keeping an eye on these two)

Thankfully, she was not injured in the car accident that occured at the end of her night.

All in all, it was a very productive night for Rihanna. Congrats, girl!

Prime Minister David Thompson has hinted today that an official honour is in store for Rihanna so we'll wait and see. Of course I'll keep you up to date on that score.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Rihanna's salute to fashion

Rihanna joined other celebrities yesterday at the InStyle and Grammy Salute to Fashion at nightclub Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles.

The 19-year-old Barbados singing sensation will be bridging several decades and joining ’80’s band The Time for a performance at the Grammys this Sunday. Other performers include Feist, BeyoncĂ©, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige.

Rihanna has been nominated for six awards and CBC TV8 in Barbados will be bringing the event live on Sunday.

Good luck, Rihanna!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Independence Day, Grenada!

Congratulations to the Government and people of the Spice Isle, Grenada, which celebrates its 34th Anniversary of Independence today.

It's been over four years since I've been to Grenada, so I'm long overdue for a visit. A special hi to all the lovely staff of La Source! I hear the hotel is
almost ready to re-open after the destruction of Hurricane Ivan.


And so it continues...

Now Sandy Lane has joined the list of companies firing workers who go on strike. I would say boycott that hotel too but not many of us can afford to stay there anyway....

You can read about it here.

Photo: Some of the dismissed workers at Sandy Lane Hotel rallying around colleague Ian Greenidge (third from left) who was arrested by police and his house and contents searched. Fourth from right is shop steward Keith Davis. (

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lent: A season of reflection

As many of you know today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the religious season of Lent. After the excesses of Carnival and Fat Tuesday etc., it's now time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made for humankind.

It's also a time when many persons give up some habit or vice, mirroring the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. Many Bajans would have attended Lenten services earlier today and had crosses of ash painted on their foreheads.

When I was growing up the older folks would say "be careful, it's Lent", meaning that bad things were more likely to happen during these 40 days and night, and I would pray for Easter Sunday to come. Times have changed and people now party in Lent, go to the beach and do all the other things that the older generation used to frown on.

So, what are you all giving up for Lent? Remember, it must be something you like so it can't be work.;) Have a safe and prayer-filled Lenten season.


Boycott Royal Shop!

I usually refrain from blogging about union matters but I have to say something about what's happening at the jewellery store The Royal Shop on Broad Street. Last Friday, workers there took action over the dismissal of a colleague who, according to management "was terminated for refusing transfer from the Broad Street store to the Bridgetown Port store". (quote taken from Daily Nation)

Further investigations revealed that the woman at the centre of the dispute, Kimberley Beckles, was the company's union shop steward and that according to the union, her transfer was tantamount to termination because the conditions at the two branches were extremely different.

According to the union, an employee at Broad Street worked 52 weeks, with full week's pay based on an hourly rate and commission based on meeting set targets which varied monthly; while at the Port, an employee worked only from October to April on a week by week basis, and for the rest of the year, that employee would work on a casual basis of two days every two weeks – a total of 20 hours.

What really got me upset about this whole situation was that the management of Royal Shop not only refused to allow Ms. Beckles to come back to work until they and the union settled the issue, but fired the other workers who joined her on the picket line! Apparently a whole group of new workers was hired over the weekend as well and it's business as usual at the Royal Shop.

As a card-carrying member of a union, I find the Royal Shop's action despicable and against the rules of fair play. This behaviour can't work in a modern day Barbados and even though I know it will be disruptive, I hope the Barbados Workers' Union goes ahead with its last-ditch effort of calling out all the BWU members on Broad Street. A strong message has to be sent to managers who feel they can treat their staff members like disposable rags. I say boycott the Royal Shop and spend your money at one of the other jewellery stores!

Photo: Managing Director of the Royal Shop, Hironan Thani (left) and his wife in discussion with Acting Commissioner of Police, Morgan Greaves.

Barack Obama - 'Yes We Can' video

I just came across this moving music video created by music producer and Black Eyed Peas member, who wrote a song inspired by Senator Barack Obama’s speech after the New Hampshire primary. Jesse Dylan, son of the legendary Bob, worked with Will to create an inspiring music video in song called “Yes, We Can.”

The video features celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Kate Walsh, Nick Cannon, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, John Legend, Eric Balfour, Adam Rodriguez (CSI: Miami), Kelly Hu, Herbie Hancock, Enrique Murciano (Without A Trace), Nicole Scherzinger, Common, Harold Perrineau (Lost), Johnathon Schaech, Maya Rubin, Tracee Ellis Ross (Girlfriends), Bryan Greenberg (October Road), Austin Nicohls, Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Tatyana Ali and Alfonso Ribeiro and Hil Harper. Enjoy.

Rihanna takes in Fashion week and sells more Umbrellas

Fashion Week is on in New York and local superstar Rihanna has been making the rounds. She made a front-row appearance at the Proenza Schouler 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008 at NYC’s Armory Park on Monday.

She also put in an appearance at Max Azria's fashion show.

With Fergie and designer Max Azria.

Rihanna also introduced her second Totes line of umbrellas at Macy’s Herald Square on Tuesday in New York City. Rihanna Umbrellas will be sold exclusively at Macy’s this spring ($20 for a single color, $50 for two-toned canopy style). Which part ours is, Rih-Rih? I ain' see a single one on sale here yet.