Friday, August 20, 2010

Poles apart

I'm getting more and more concern about the politicising of issues in Barbados. I know we're in the hurricane season, but there're way too many storms in a teacup around here.

Between the housing debacle with the Minister and the former Chairperson of the NHC; the "was he or was he not put out of CBC" confusion with former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch and a bunch of other squabbles that I can't even bother to recount, you would swear the elections were next year and not 2013.

Seriously, politicos, all yuh need to cease and desist. Opposition, do your job, but remember when you all were in power you did the same or worse.

Government, learn when to put up and when to shut up. I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't give a mongoose's *ss who has the insurance coverage for CBC, the NHC or BCSL, once they're covered.

What I want to know is when I'm gonna get some relief from high cost of food and other commodities. I want to know where de hell my $450 road tax goes, cause potholes opening up like gateways to another dimension on the streets. I want to know what you all plan to do about crime in this country.

Deal with the bread and butter issues, then you all could argue as wunnna like.

Top 10 Fave TV Shows - The 2010 edition

A few years back I did a post on my favourite 80's television shows and I had a fun time reliving the memories.

You all know I'm an 80's baby, but let's face it - that decade is gone and it ain't coming back. So, with the fall tv season fast approaching, I thought I'd post up a list of the television shows I love to watch these days. Let's go....

10. The Gates - Although The Gates started off slowly, I'm still hanging in there because this show's premise of humans, vampires, werewolves and witches living side-by-side is bound to create some serious drama. Did I mention there's a succubus as well? Gives new meaning to the term suburbian hell....

9. Warehouse 13 - One of the most popular shows on the Syfy channel, Warehouse 13 has all the elements to make an enjoyable show. Check it out.

8. The Mentalist - I've had a crush on Simon Baker since I saw him loving up on Sanaa Lathan in the movie Something New. And his show isn't half bad either....

7. Modern Family - I love this cast. You've got the gay couple with the adopted Asian baby; the May-December marriage and the wannabe-cool dad who fails miserably. And Sofia Vergara? She makes it all worthwhile to watch.

6. V - I was a huge fan of the original V tv show, so I had to check this one out. So far, so good. And this version has Morris Chestnut!

5. Glee - I haven't enjoyed watching school kids dancing and singing this much since Fame. And the music will stay with you for days. But, kids and music aside, it's all about Sue Sylvester for me.

4. The Good Wife - Julianna Margulies of ER fame has made a comeback with this intense drama of a good wife gone bad - or at the very least back to work. It's riveting stuff, and investigator Kalinda Sharma is one serious character.

3. The Vampire Diaries - Can you tell I love vamp shows? I was ready to write off Vampire Diaries as Gossip Girl with fangs, but it surprised me. The acting is way better than I imagined, and the plots move at lightning speed. I can't wait till the show returns On September 9.

2. Cougar Tow - Cougar Town is one of the funniest shows on television, bar none. It's witty - love that Ellie - and just plain laugh out loud. And that Courteney Cox has obviously discovered the fountain of youth....

1. True Blood. Forget Twilight. This is how you serve up drama about vampires. With a stellar ensemble of characters - Lafayette! Eric! Pam! -True Blood is delectable till the last drop. (NB - This show is not kid's stuff, strictly R rated)

The ones to watch - literally:

The Event. As soon as I heard that one of my fave hotties Blair Underwood was cast in a show, as the President no less, I knew I had to add this show to my viewing list. It premieres on September 20 on NBC.

Nikita - The CW network is seriously stepping up its game with a new installment of the Nikita franchise. A remake of the 1997 tv series La Femme Nikita, this 2010 version features Maggie Q as an assasin gone rogue. The trailer looks tight. I'll be watching for sure. Check it on September 9 on the CW.

Love the Way You Lie

Check out the video for Eminem's very disturbing yet evocative song "Love the Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna.

In the video are actors Megan Fox and the hardly recognisable Dominic Monaghan. He's sure come a long way from his Lord of the Rings hobbit days....

Wake Up, Everybody!

Three of my fave singers - John Legend, Melanie Fiona and Common - recently did a remake of the legendary song "Wake Up, Everybody". Orignally performed by Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, this stirring anthem has been covered by artistes from all genres.

Its message remains as relevant today as it was in 1975.

Reflect and enjoy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rihanna's a showstopper

A red-headed Rihanna hit the New York restaurant Da Silvano's recently for a romantic dinner with her boyfriend Matt Kemp. Lawd, I'm still trying to get used to that fire engine red hair.....

Do you, girl.

Images: Young, Black and Fabulous

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Crop Over Review

Well, Crop Over done for another year, and it's back to reality after a few months of 'serious wukking'. I must admit that I was feeling the Crop Over spirit more so than last year, partly because the music was way better this time around.

Anyhoo, here's my list of the high and low lights of Crop Over 2010:


The Dream Box funeral. Wuhloss. Dem Madd Boys too sweet. For those of you who don't know what a Dream Box is, it's an electronic device used to access cable channels free of cost, and Bajans have been making it snort for years. Well, the lone tv station CBC found a way to shut it down, so for the past few months folks have been reduced to watching only the local channel 8 or paying for the cable packages.

The comedy duo of Eric Lewis and Kevin Hinds of Madd Entertainment cooked up a stirring tribute to the demise of the Dream Box, and it was a Crop Over hit.

Dale "Mr Dale" Rudder - Mr. Dale charmed soca fans a few years back with his smash Soca Junkie, and he was back this year with a song that was made to make waists wine, Drop It. And it netted him a second People's Monarch win as well.

Rick "Lil' Rick" Reid - I'm not a huge fan of Lil Rick. Though talented, he appeals to the lowest common denominator when wearing his DJ hat, and I'm really not into that scene. But there's no denying that in 2010 he meant business, with a whole album of hits, including Big Hail , What A Feeling and the infectious Go Down. Good job, Rick.

Anderson "Blood" Armstrong - 2001 was Blood's year. He not only captured the Party Monarch title, but copped the Road March as well. Bloody good, I say.

No Pong or Contone - Look, I know that "entertainers" Pong and Contone have their fans but for real, but if we're serious about producing a quality festival, then this underwhelming duo should take a back seat. Or at the very least, bring back the Clown Prince competition just for them....

The extended route - As one reveller said, more time to wuk up! Nuff said.


The not so Soca Royale
I was winging my way to Grenada when the Soca Royale was taking place at Bushy Park, so I didn't hear of the result till the next day. I never understood why the NCF would decide to have a sweet soca competition, distinguishing it from the party monarch competition, only to have a face-off between the two. Sounded like a way to get out of providing two prizes to me....

TC/Gabby getting booed
Even though I too was surprised when TC and the Mighty Gabby won the Sweet Soca Competitions and the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals respectively, at the end of the day the judges decision is final. Booing competitors is stupid and plain rude, peoples.

The Gabby/Admiral dust-up
Okay, I confess. I laughed when I heard that the venerable Anthony "Mighty Gabby" Carter had allegedly engaged in fisticuffs with the lippy, opinionated broadcaster Anthony "Admiral" Nelson. But, really, we're all adults here, and violence never solves anything! *snicker*

CAPTION: Announcer Admiral Nelson (right) speaking after the incident with Stedson "RPB" Wiltshire