Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday frenzy - Rihanna and hideaways

Rihanna has changed quite a bit since she made it big on the international music scene. She has slimmed down noticeably and gotten a few pales lighter, though I'm sure that's due to her absence from the blistering Barbados sun. Just don't let them turn you into a "white chick" girl....or a younger version of Beyonce.

Have you ever driven past the exquisite wrought-iron gates of the villas in St. James and wondered what poshness was hidden behind those walls? Well, wonder no more. Check out the website Just don't turn green with envy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Visas online

First it was long, pre-dawn queues, then an appointment system. Now, Barbadians applying for US visas can only do so online. I remember reading that this new policy had started in Jamaica and wondered how it had been received by the populace there. I imagine quite a few "rahtids" and "blouse and skirts" had polluted the Jamaican airwaves.
Here in Bim it's early days yet. Some may argue that the new system will alienate certain persons (black persons)and show the gap between the information rich and the information poor. I know my people; there isn't a computer in the world that could come between them and their annual shopping trips to New York and Miami! I'm sure it will still be quite a culture shock for those persons who are not computer or internet-savvy. There's a suggestion that internet cafes could be used to assist those persons without personal computers, and I suggest they throw in some free lessons too! I could only imagine my mother trying to apply for a visa online....I don't think the computer would survive. Ah well, if the US says it must be done, so be it. The piper calls the tune, after all.


Model behaviour

Has anyone seen the new Barbados Model Search show on CBC TV8 on Tuesday nights? I can't tell you the exact time it airs 'cause CBC's schedule changes more than the tide. Well, what can I say about it? Is it moronic? Yup. Demeaning to the contestants? Yup. Entertaining? Oh yes! What is it about these train wreck "reality shows" that draw us in? I suspect it must stem from that morbid curiousity buried deep inside all of us.
I've only watched three episodes but I feel extremely sorry for the contestants. I hope the winner's getting a good prize after all this drama. Between the insulting and largely contradictory comments from the judges and the demands to stay thin I don't know how these girls aren't shoving each other off the catwalk.
One young lady broke into tears because she was told to "take off her hair weave and bury it". And to add insult to injury, she was the only contestant asked by the silly host how she felt about the judges' comments! The poor girl was blubbering!
Ironically, two of the girls voted off last night were awarded with dinners at Lucky Horseshoe. Well, I guess they can eat now....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Marketing madness

The lengths to which people go to make money. In recent weeks one of the daily newspapers has been running an ad for a new energy drink. It's name? Liquid Spanish Fly. What's next? Cocaine? Oh yeah, that already exists too, though thankfully it's not sold here. Yet.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Polls and tolls

First off let me say thanks to all those persons who offered encouragement and advice on the blog. I know some of you are shy about commenting but there's no need to be. Form a new username (like my good friend Etrici who totally fooled me:)) if you wish to remain anonymous.

Now, on with the show.....I always wanted to say that:)
Sir Charles Williams recently suggested that tolls be imposed on certain roads on the island. This, he suggested, would result in "higher-quality, longer-lasting roads".

"It will guarantee the country better quality roads because no
one is going to build a poor quality road if he knows he is responsible
for its maintenance for 25 years. He will build a road that will last
25 years, and that is what we want."

Well, right off COW admitted what the rest of us were thinking all along; many of our roads are poorly constructed and not meant to last longer than a snowcone in hell. I'm convinced I'll be pulled over any day now by the police on suspicion of drunken driving at the rate I'm swerving all over the roads to avoid potholes! At any rate, the Minister responsible isn't entertaining any such "foolish proposals" from COW. Because, say what you like about politicians, for the most part they are not into professional suicide. Well, apart from Sir Lloyd E. Sandiford and Clyde Mascoll anyway.Then again, things seemed to have worked out for the better for those two.

CADRES is at it again with another poll, and it seems like the ruling BLP stands a good chance at making it a four-peat. I won't get too caught up in repeating the stats here because in my opinion - no disrepect to CADRES and Peter Wickham - it's the human element and not the statistics that will determine the outcome. And the human element is largely unpredictable. If we had a dollar for every politician who was lulled into a false sense of security by a poll only to get booted out we could all probably end poverty in Barbados. Good luck to all the incumbent MPs and the newcomers to the political's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Cheese-on bread is born

Hi folks, this is my brave attempt at entering the world of blogging. As the name Cheese-on-bread implies, haha, I'm a Bajan and this site will hopefully be a place for Bajans all over the world to meet and catch up on what's happening in our fair land. Politics, entertainment, social issues are welcome, just keep it clean and non-defamatory. Non-Bajans, don't worry, you're more than welcome here too:)
This is my first time at blogging so if I mistakenly delete the site or something crazy like that, bear with me.
Can't wait to hear from you. Later peoples!