Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rihanna will be 'Rated R' on November 23

As most of you know by now, Rihanna will be releasing her fourth album, entitled Rated R, on November 23. You can check out the promo video for the album below.

The first single Russian Roulette has already hit the airwaves, and as you can see from the photo above, she's planning to push the envelope even more, going for an even 'edgier' look.

The blogs are going nuts with folks saying the song is about her selling her soul to the's hilarious. I agree she's sold her some sweet American greenbacks. Girlfriend is doing whatever it takes to keep people interested, and that's a must, unfortunately, in the music biz these days.

Anyhoo, I prefer the old days when it was about the singer's voice, not their looks or fashion sense....


Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Congrats to President Barack Obama on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course the US netowrks are falling over themselves asking if he deserves this honour.

Whatev. He didn't award himself the prize, so suck it up, critics.

Damn that Iman!

Does this woman look 54 years old? What can we say to Somalian model, actress and entrepreneur Iman but, damn that Iman!


Monday, October 05, 2009

Rihanna - Best in show

Hey, peoples. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I want to welcome my newest follower Manny to the Cheese-on-Bread family!

Anyhoo, remember I told you all how Rihanna's been turning sidewalks into her own personal catwalk? Well now she's doing the same at all the fashion shows presently underway in Europe.

I can't recall the names of the shows she attended, nor the designers she wore (Jean-Paul Gaultier is in there somewhere), but here's a look at what our girl has been parading around in.

Rihanna's criss-crossed top reminds me of a haute couture mummy costume.

Obviously Rihanna real hard ears and forgot what I told her a while back about catching cold. The expression on the face of the guy in the photo says it all.

"Boots, boots, boots and more boots". Rihanna looks downright dangerous in this outfit. All she needs is a whip and horse.

With her looks, fame and money, I know Rihanna probably doesn't have one ass to worry about, but still, no need to show off, Rih-Rih!