Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend fun: Ten tv characters I'll miss

This month tv fans bade farewell to several of their favourite shows as the regular television season came to an end. Some long-running heavy hitters like ER have ended their run, while relative newbies like Pushing Daises have been cancelled.

I don't know about you but this year I feel that too many great shows have gotten the axe. I know it's all about the ratings but judging by the way fans have been fighting to keep their shows on the air people aren't happy. Just because 10 million viewers don't tune in to watch a show every week, does that make it a failure? Thank God they reconsidered cancelling Chuck....

Anyhoo, many of my fave tv characters have been written off, in more ways than one. Here's my list of the ones I'll especially miss.

Denny Crane and Alan Shore - Boston Legal. The quirky legal drama Boston Legal had a roster of fun characters, but it was the bromance between Alan and Denny, especially during their road trips, that provided some of the shows finer moments. I thought this show would have been good for another season, but alas, no.

Sarah Connor and Cameron Phillips - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It goes to show you never know what will or won't be a hit. Given the success of the Terminator movie franchise, you would have thought a tv version whould have been a sure thing with viewers. Not so, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled.

Lena Headley's Sarah and Summer Glau's Cameron were the high points of the reasonably good show, and I'll miss their uneasy "mother-daughter" relationship.

Tasha Mack - The Game. I know Derwin and Melanie are the stars of the show, but I'll miss the sassy, tough-talking Tasha Mack (played by Wendy Raquel Robinson on far left) the most. Even though The Game has been cancelled by the CW network, talks are on to parlay the comedy into an hour long dramady, possibly on BET. I'll be watching.

Rochelle, Julius and Chris - Everybody Hates Chris. It's not often black families are portrayed on tv, and positive black familes, even less. Although Chris and his family were far from the Cosbys, you had to love his mother's don't-mess-with-me attitude and his father's cheapness. Oh yeah and Chris was pretty cool, too.

Vic Mackey - The Shield. After seven seasons on FX, the gritty cop drama The Shield has come to an end. Although Michael Chiklis' Vic Mackey was a corrupt, twisted soul, the character was such a work of art I can't help but give him props. Mackey has left the Barn.

Michael Scofield - Prison Break. SPOILER ALERT!!! Whether you called him Fish, Pretty, Papi or Michael, the resident engineering genius on the hit show Prison Break will be universally missed. Thousands of fans were on twitter and various blogs crying their eyes out because he died in the season finale, denying him his deserved happy ending. But never fear, Scofield and the rest of the gang will be back in a DVD movie coming out in July.

Until then, thanks for the memories, Scofield.

Hello again

Hey, peoples. I know you all must have been wodering if I dropped off the face of the earth, but no, I'm still on terra firma.

The last few weeks have been tough with work, family duties and some personal losses. Even my pet dog whom we've had for years up and died on me so, what can I tell you. but, by the grace of God I'm back and I hope to be blogging more regularly again.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. We've had to face H1N1 virus fears, enjoyed a visit by US Attorney-General Eric Holder Jr. and cringed as Rihanna's naked booty was splashed all over the internet. I'm not going to rehash any of that since I'm sure you're all up to speed via the many blogs and websites in my roll.

The recession is still ticking along, but it appears as if it's business as usual here in Bim; people are still feteing hard and shopping up a storm. Are we living in a fool's paradise? Time will tell....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Hey, peoples. Many, many many apologies for neglecting you the past weeks but the day job has been brutal. I'll be back soon, as soon as I get some breathing space.

Peace to all.