Thursday, August 05, 2010

Crop Over Review

Well, Crop Over done for another year, and it's back to reality after a few months of 'serious wukking'. I must admit that I was feeling the Crop Over spirit more so than last year, partly because the music was way better this time around.

Anyhoo, here's my list of the high and low lights of Crop Over 2010:


The Dream Box funeral. Wuhloss. Dem Madd Boys too sweet. For those of you who don't know what a Dream Box is, it's an electronic device used to access cable channels free of cost, and Bajans have been making it snort for years. Well, the lone tv station CBC found a way to shut it down, so for the past few months folks have been reduced to watching only the local channel 8 or paying for the cable packages.

The comedy duo of Eric Lewis and Kevin Hinds of Madd Entertainment cooked up a stirring tribute to the demise of the Dream Box, and it was a Crop Over hit.

Dale "Mr Dale" Rudder - Mr. Dale charmed soca fans a few years back with his smash Soca Junkie, and he was back this year with a song that was made to make waists wine, Drop It. And it netted him a second People's Monarch win as well.

Rick "Lil' Rick" Reid - I'm not a huge fan of Lil Rick. Though talented, he appeals to the lowest common denominator when wearing his DJ hat, and I'm really not into that scene. But there's no denying that in 2010 he meant business, with a whole album of hits, including Big Hail , What A Feeling and the infectious Go Down. Good job, Rick.

Anderson "Blood" Armstrong - 2001 was Blood's year. He not only captured the Party Monarch title, but copped the Road March as well. Bloody good, I say.

No Pong or Contone - Look, I know that "entertainers" Pong and Contone have their fans but for real, but if we're serious about producing a quality festival, then this underwhelming duo should take a back seat. Or at the very least, bring back the Clown Prince competition just for them....

The extended route - As one reveller said, more time to wuk up! Nuff said.


The not so Soca Royale
I was winging my way to Grenada when the Soca Royale was taking place at Bushy Park, so I didn't hear of the result till the next day. I never understood why the NCF would decide to have a sweet soca competition, distinguishing it from the party monarch competition, only to have a face-off between the two. Sounded like a way to get out of providing two prizes to me....

TC/Gabby getting booed
Even though I too was surprised when TC and the Mighty Gabby won the Sweet Soca Competitions and the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals respectively, at the end of the day the judges decision is final. Booing competitors is stupid and plain rude, peoples.

The Gabby/Admiral dust-up
Okay, I confess. I laughed when I heard that the venerable Anthony "Mighty Gabby" Carter had allegedly engaged in fisticuffs with the lippy, opinionated broadcaster Anthony "Admiral" Nelson. But, really, we're all adults here, and violence never solves anything! *snicker*

CAPTION: Announcer Admiral Nelson (right) speaking after the incident with Stedson "RPB" Wiltshire


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