Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Damn that Tina Turner!

Singing legend Tina Turner is currently on tour after a long absence away from the spotlight, and she's giving the world a whole new idea of what 69 looks like.

Them is some genes is all I can say....



Campfyah said...

Yes, she is awesome. I went to her tour in October and it was worth every single penny we spent on the tickets. She didn't have an opening act and perfroemd all 90mins or more in 4in heels. You just gotta love her.

Anonymous said...

90mins In 4in Heels

9 and 60 soon 3 score and 10
0 to 90 she went from start to end
Many start with opening acts but not she
I saw her performed from curtains through to finale
No regrets I had on the money I’d spent
She left me and her audience with universal content
It was a night of pleasure and with good company
None will forget that October Tour and this celebrity
4 days ago you said Damn that Tina Turner
I saw the pictures that you had posted of her
Not edited but taken straight from the stage
Her live wire performance and her dance of rage
Each of these pics were reminding me
Everyone of us can rise from adversity
Learn to move on and embrace our own skill
Superstar Rihanna must find the heart and the will

An Acrostic Poem from The Bajan Poetry Society