Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama makes history...again

President Obama is no stranger to making history. Tonight he will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to discuss his economic rescue plan, making him the first sitting US President to ever appear on a late night chat show.

Obama appeared on the Tonight Show during his campaign, but this time around his appearance isn't sitting well with everyone.

I may be wrong but I really don't see anything wrong with his appearance. During his administration he demonstrated that he could think outside the box and his campaign was fought on all media fronts, so why expect any different now?


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Anonymous said...

The Tonight Show

There is no questioning his amiability
He ventured to go with Jay Leno on late night TV
Effervescent to the minute still Presidential at will
This 41st President is as cool as a cucumber and cooler still
Obama by going on Leno spoke to some people who
Never pay attention to the political taboo
I know some who stayed up late for the laughs
Got surprised with his endless charm and limited gaffes
He thought it necessary to apologize for one
Though self derogating he corrected any harm done
Smiling from ear to ear and very personable with the crowd
He made the AIG confusion clear and his critics proud
One gets the feeling that this President’s story
Will be punctuated with many first in all history

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