Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Canadian visitor attacked in Barbados dies

Cheese-on-Bread joins the rest of Barbados in extending condolences to the family of Terry Schwarzfeld, who died today from injuries sustained during an attack at Long Beach a few weeks ago.

You can read the story here.

This is beyond sad. The police have issued a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator of the crime, and we can only hope that someone comes forward soon.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Barbados is suffering at the hands of a thoughtless, brutal few who perpetrate their crimes upon unsuspecting tourists, who come for the fun and laughter we advertise on our golden sands bathe in blue waters. Perhaps we should start to value these visitors more substantially than BDOS$10,000 reward ( about CAN $6,400). This life lost was such a generous soul.

Tribute to Terry Schwarzfeld
A Tourist to our Country

Traumatized by the attack, Bajans weep
Enraged while awake and restless at sleep
Regretting that any Bajan could be so brutal
Remorseful by the loss of someone so charitable
Years were just 60 when her life was bludgeoned away
She was taking a walk with her daughter-in-law on that day
Cold-hearted thief attacked her while on the beach
Hunk of wood was the closest thing in his reach
Women’s Rights were her devotion and now cruelly
A Bajan criminal took hers and her dedication to philanthropy
Robbed her of her future deeds and the world of her good
Zapped away this valuable life just because he could
For years she was active in the Israeli Women’s Rights fight
Elected recently as President of the Hadassah-WIZO website
Lots of people benefitted and were to, from her life of charity
Dear world we civilized Bajans abhor her demise and offer our deepest sympathy