Friday, March 13, 2009

Al Gilkes like he ignorant

I have the utmost respect for journalist, promoter and public relations practitioner Al Gilkes, but his recent suggestion that the ruins at Farley Hill National Park be knocked down so more fete-goers can be accommodated is so ludicrous that I don't know where to begin.

Gilkes obviously had on his promoter's hat that day and was probably blinded by the dollar bills in his sights at the thought of being able to cram a few thousand more patrons into Farley Hill for some fete or other.

Look, as far as I'm concerned promoters had no right being allowed to keep fetes at Farley Hill. The park is a serene, cool haven for people to enjoy with family and friends, not for sweaty, gyrating masses of music fans to ruin with their litter and disrespect for the environment.

Sure, the ruins might be a bit unstable, but Government needs to sure up the building, not tear it down. Farley Hill would be nothing without those ruins, trust me.

Let Al Gilkes and the other money hungry promoters go hold their fetes at King George v Park or some other open ground if they're worried about something falling on them.



Anonymous said...

It seems he has always been its a good thing we got rid of Owen and Co as we would have to battle to stop his mate Al from tearing down Farley Hill.

BarbadosInFocus said...

What can anyone say; it is ignorance at its best.

I have been blogging about Old Barbados for a while now and capturing the images even longer. There is so much money in Heritage Tourism, but it seems like the Government and others can’t see it. Many of the places I shot are no longer there. For the love of my country, Bridgetown use to be the hub of the island, now it more like a morgue.

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is going to waste now. There is no urgency in making it into National Park. The urgency seems to be a plethora of condos. It seems all so senseless.

And to elaborate on your point, I went to one event at Farley Hill National Park, and I thought then, why the hell is it being held here. It boggles the imagination. I am just ranting, because I really do not know what else to say.

Bajegirl said...

Unfortunately successive Governments have paid lip service to heritage tourism. I think it's a general disregard for what is ours.

Thanks for your comments.

Paterika Hengreaves said...

Heritage tourism is the pot of gold but it's like a breadfruit it hangs too low in the eyes of some for reasons I can only muse about since I'm covered with poetic license or whatever, lol.

Seriously though Heritage tourism should be on the plate...