Saturday, March 07, 2009

A question of confidence

Hey, peoples! Sorry for neglecting you the past couple of days but I was a bit under the weather and extra busy to boot.

Anyhoo, yesterday the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) brought a no confidence motion against PM David Thompson in the House of Assembly over his handling of the CLICO issue. I'm not sure if many people paid the whole matter much attention, 'cause cricket was on.

Although I recognise that she was exercising her right as Opposition Leader, I'm not sure what Mia Mottley hoped to prove. The ruling Dempocratic Labour Party (DLP) has only been in office for roughly 14 months, too early for the electorate to think about ousting them. All she did really was tee off folks who were looking forward to watching the West Indies play England, especially a friend of mine who supports the West Indies but is really watching the match to see Kevin Pietersen.

But I digress. After watching a good bit of the day's debate here are a few observations:

1) Mia Mottley must have a wardrobe full of red outfits. I know red is the BLP's colour, but I swear Mottley hasn't worn any other colour since elections in 2008. Let it go, Mia. The campaign is over.

2) Former PM Owen Arthur has aged a bit in the last year. I don't know if it was the drizzly video feed from Parliament, but I swear that Arthur looks more stressed out now that when he was Prime Minister. Makes you wonder....

3) Dr. William Duguid has really gained his voice in Opposition. The former backbencher hardly said a word when the BLP was in power, but now he never fails to be attack someone about something or other.

4) Hamilton Lashley missed his calling as a Pastor. In what was perhaps his best (and certainly most coherent) contribution in Parliament, Hammie La literally quoted scripture and verse about his treatment at the hands of the BLP. Cuhdear.

5) I don't know if I heard correctly, but former Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke said that even though he was Minister he didn't know too much about the awarding of the contract to expand the highway. Oh okay, that explains everything.

6) Poor Ronald Toppin. I swear that man has an ability to put himself in hot water like no other Parliamentarian. He was forced to back down over a statement he made about AG Freundel Stuart, but not before digging a big hole for himself. Remember, Tops, silence worked well for you in the past.

A lot of other things were said, but unlike the Ministers I don't have privilege to speak about them so I'll leave it there. All I'll add is that the debate wasn't so much about Thompson but who he keeps as friends....


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GBL Blog said...

Wish you could say more, the bit that you can't say sounds like the meat and potatoes ah dis ting! The agenda of the men behind the scenes holding the strings that control the system, is what the public needs to know!