Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rihanna 'moving on'

Good sense has apparently descended on Rihanna's camp and she and the lil boy have reportedly cooled things off.

Last weekend the Bajan superstar was photographed Brown-less having a belated birthday dinner with her mentor Jay-Z, his wife Beyonce and Brandy at the Spotted Pig restaurant.

I hope this is the beginning of a real split and not another pr stunt. I guess with every sampoochie and duppy advising her to leave her abuser Rihanna has decided to take a step back. I mean, when Oprah can dedicate a whole show to domestic violence because of you, well, the least you can do is listen...


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Anonymous said...

We don’t know the truth in the report but if you are anything like me you are probably jumping for joy. Rihanna has had to be mature beyond her years for the last 4 years. With all that has been said about her this far, none of us are faced with her circumstances and too many of us are wishing we were. I know a few girls who think the beating is a necessary ill to every relationship. That’s sad. Rihanna, if this is true; I salute your decision and place you up another peg in my wall of admiration. Kudos, kudos and more kudos!

Moving On

Maybe she got back half-uh she brain
Or maybe she exercising temporary restrain
Violated women who can take a step back
In time will see the brutality of their attack
Notice their stupidity to slip back in
Get self-confidence and later the will to win
Once she takes that step then hip hip hooray
No more Chris Brown and his violent foreplay

An Acrostic Poem from The Bajan Poetry Society