Monday, June 04, 2007

Rihanna's busy being 'Bad'

Didn't I tell you all that Umbrella would catch on? Once Jay-Z was on that track it would blow up. He has the Midas touch, that Jay-Z. Not hating on my Bajan girl but Jay-Z + a weak song x hot beat = hit. Simple math.
Anyhoo, so Rihanna's gone bad. She's gone and changed her hair, sexed up her clothes and appeared butt naked and painted silver in her music video. I hope she's getting paid well for this. The special effects in the video were cool though, very different from the beach scene videos on the earlier album.
Outing her father as a former crack addict wasn't cool though...that kind of publicity stunt may work for the American singers but we Caribbean people like to keep our skeletons firmly in the closet...

Rihanna brought another new look to the red carpet yesterday at the MTV Awards, a jet-black bob with some serious bangs...

She also performed Umbrella with Jay-Z in a very interesting outfit...I'll leave it there.

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