Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fashion Friday coming at ya

This Friday, look out for a new feature debuting here on Cheese-on-Bread. Entitled Oh No They Didn't!, the segment will be authored by my new contributor dreadlocs and will offer advice to those sisters (and brothers) who commit crimes against fashion and good taste.

Why this new feature? Let's face it, some of our people clearly need help. I don't know about you but the way some folks are dressing now (and sad to say mostly women) scares the hell outa me. A trip into Bridgetown on a Saturday morning is like entering the twilight zone.

Anyhoo, dreadlocs will break down the fashion do's and dont's for you and make sure you come correct. Consider it 'Charm School' for Barbados. Don't forget to give her a warm welcome!

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