Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh No They Didn't !!!???

How many times have you been walking down the street, reading the paper or scanning the internet and had to exclaim, “Oh no they didn’t!!!???”

Clearly the lines of good taste have been erased when it comes to fashion today. So, for those of you who somehow just don’t see yourself or maybe you just never had an honest friend who would say, “ahmmm I don’t think so”, I have taken on the task of pointing out some of the common fashion fumbles and outright messes that many people make.

I promise not to only pick on my fellow Bajans, but to also bring some international dress blunders to you. I‘m sure I won’t run out of people to help. Let’s get started.

Now what is it these days with our young people and their apparent need to expose all but their nipples these days? Is she even wearing a bra? I mean really. And it's so clear that they could use some support. Ladies, think about it. Gravity is real. In a few years you will wish you had helped to hold them up better.

And I know these gaudy plastic beads things are back in style but guess what - everything that is "in style" does not have to become a part of your "style".

Ok, my lady here clearly believes that she's a hottie because she is boldly on stage for all to see her "skills". Now don't get me wrong, her actual outfit minus the boots-in-a-tropical-country-mistake, isn't bad at all. Her colour coordination is dead-on but she is just not doing her clothes any justice in this pose.
Ladies, the boots are supposed to keep your feet warm. It's 90+ F here. We can pass on the boots I believe.

This poor young thing has not realised that her clothes are falling off. Or wait? Maybe that's "the style". Who knows.. looks to me like she bought it one size too big and it's falling off. Not a good look sister.

Then it doesn't help that the print is, what shall we say, "bold". And here are those ridiculous plastic bangles again. Arghhh. I wonder what they will do with them all when they go out of style? Play ring toss?

Stupse... fix yuh self nuh girrll!

Now I think that she wore this outfit to a foam party but still. There is no way that back in the day my mother would have allowed me to leave home like this. Is it lingerie or a swimsuit? Whatever it is, it's ugly!! And the fish-net stockings just make it so much worse. Well at least if her hair gets wet she can hang it out to dry when she gets home. If you were trying to make a statement, you certainly succeeded and it's "I have no fashion sense".

I hope you guys didn't think that you were getting off easy. There are quite a few of you that break every fashion rule there is in the book as well. Take a look at this specimen.

Not only is his shirt creased but he looks unkempt. Would it hurt to see a barber more often? Real ladies still find tidy, clean, nice-smelling and well-dressed men very appealing. Get your act together guys.

This international flop is from Eonline and clearly shows that there are malfunctioning mirrors all over the world. This is possibly one of the ugliest frocks I've ever seen.

And then, why wear it with those chunky black platforms?

And these celebs have people whose job it is to dress them? My goodness. Sweetheart, it may be time to switch style teams, 'cause your current crew has obviously mutinied.

I tell yah! Until next week folks, stay a cut above the fashion madness!



Anonymous said...

This was great. And it's true about the bras and cleavage. I have cleavage, but it's never on show like that. Never saw this site's brilliant.

Bajegirl said...

On behalf of Cheese-on-Bread, I thank you ma'am. Dreadlocs did a great job for her first segment, didn't she?:)