Friday, June 15, 2007

Fave movies

As promised, we continue our fun Friday entertainment rankings with a look at my favourite recurring male characters in movies.

10) Freddy Kreuger - The Nightmare on Elm Street character was sick, twisted and flat-out funny.
9) Donkey - Shrek who? Donkey stole the show in the previous two installments of Shrek and was only upstaged by Puss-in-boots in part 2.
8) Legolas - The arrow-shooting elf prince from the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a favourite with many female fans.
7)Ardeth Bay - The assassin from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns was very distracting. There was a mummy in that movie?
6) Capt. Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean. Need I say more?
5) Jason Bourne - The amnesiac former Government spy is a cool dude. Just don't get him angry.
4) Terminator - Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be the Terminator to me.
3) Morpheus - Neo was the star but Morpheus was the heart of the Matrix trilogy.
2) John McClane - I understand another Die Hard movie is coming. Yippie ki-yeah!
1) Axel Foley - Eddie Murphy has acted in many varied roles, but his portrayal of a fast-talking Detroit policeman transplanted in Beverly Hills was a total trip. Trust me.

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