Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh No They Didn't!!!

My, how quickly Friday comes when you have made a commitment to doing something every Friday. So though late, here is your Friday Fashion Fix. Let's get started with two international fashionistas.

Here is the inimitable Cindy Crawford. Now, this how a little black dress is supposed to look and be worn. Take note, ladies. It's not too short, not too tight. It's just plain classy! Her hair is beautiful, the bod is the bomb (even after kids) and the shoes! Slammin'. This is quite a hot look Mrs. Crawford has going on here.

Now here is a fashion fumble on a lady who is normally quite smashing. Maybe ...errrrr. Oh I don't know what happened but this is not looking so good at all.
Where did she find this two-toned number…Woolworth? (No offense) It's cut like a big block—totally unflattering—and features a black diamond pattern that should only be worn by people hoping to disguise love handles and big hips. Mybe she's hiding some weight gain. I don't know but this is not the Demi that we love to hate on. Send this housecoat back to the plus-size rack, ASAP!

Now, let's bring it back home. Boy, never a dull fashion moment on the party scene in these parts.
This youngster has committed the biggest style sin. A lady never takes off her shoes. Actually a real lady never buys uncomfortable shoes to start with so, MISTAKE!!
Secondly, the shorts are way too short. Keep something hidden, nuh ladies. Damn! And then just to make matters worse she put on the plastic bracelets. Good grief!

Now............... ahmmmmmmm...
What can i say about this. I'm just plain speechless. What in hell are you thinking, girlfriend? Spandex is no one's friend, especially when you're on the bigger side.

I will never understand what goes through a person's thought process starting from the purchase point to actually walking into a public place dressed like this! This is just wrong!!!!! WRONG!!!! Your butt cracks' showing, man!
Would it have hurt to wear the actually nice top with a black pants or skirt? Sheesh.

Now this lady is matching quite nicely. I swear I need to start a school. Time and place is just as important as what you wear. This outfit would have come off much nicer if perhaps it was worn to a beach party or Soca on the Hill, even East Coast.
What is your hat shading you from? The moonlight?


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Bajegirl said...

Wuhloss! Some people need a functioning mirror, or at least a few good friends. Good job dreadlocs.