Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna 'okay'; Chris Brown 'a little concerned'

Well, it's day two into the Rihanna/Chris Brown debacle and speculation is still rife about what really went down in that car in Hancock Park.

In today's issue of the Nation Newspaper, Rihanna's grandmother is reported as saying that the pop star was "okay" and didn't have a broken nose as reported. Of course, she didn't refute that her grandchild was injured, and in this case okay could just mean she's not laid up in a hospital bed.

Meanwhile, rap star T.I is saying that he spoke to Chris Brown and that the R&B star was "a little concerned". What an understatement, lil boy. You should be, since not only will your career be over if you're found guilty of domestic violence charges, but you're not gonna see the outside for a while either.

Rihanna has apparently postponed her concert in Malaysia this week and if that doesn't scream recovering out of the spotlight I don't know what does. You all know it's just a matter of time before photos with her facial injuries turn up on the Net.

I won't bother to type all the rumours going around out there; I'll just say that I have it on good authority that these two are not strangers to volatile behaviour. I have a feeling that after the injuries have healed and the hurt feelings have died down, and especially if pressure is brought to bear on her, Rihanna isn't going to press charges.

I don't intend to judge her harshly if she does; as a woman she would have to know how much she's willing to take from any man and what message she'll be sending if she drop the case.

Recover soon, Rihanna and to Chris Brown - boy you mek me shame. I did like you real bad, but now I can' even listen to your music. No Air, for real.

According to MediaTakeOut.com, Defamer and other sites, Rihanna isn't planning on pressing charges against Chris Brown for assault and battery. (No surprise there).

They're also reporting that Police state that she sustained "horrific" facial injuries as a result of the beating, including contusions to the side of her face and bite marks on her arms and hands. Also, apparently it was someone who heard her screams and not Rihanna herself who called the police.

Not surprisingly, her big 21st birthday bash on February 20 in NYC has been cancelled.

Wrigley Doublemint Gum has halted their endorsement deal with Chris Brown for now until more facts become clea about this case.

I'll try and keep you all updated on this sad case.

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