Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fun: Fave cancelled shows

In tv-land, it isn't always the bad shows that get cancelled; sometimes there're some pretty decent sitcoms and dramas that for one reason or other get the axe.

Here's a list of some of my fave shows that have gotten cancelled in recent years. These days I don't get to watch as much tv as I used to but when I can I like to take in Chuck (dweeby but silly fun), Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles , 24 and Ugly Betty.

I've been hearing good things about Damages, Burn Notice, Fringe and True Blood but with the little one I'll probably have to watch those on DVD sometime in future. Anyhoo, here's my Top 10:
10. Cane. It isn't every day you come across a drama in which the central cast is not only all-Hispanic, but wealthy as well. I love Jimmy Smits so I hung in there with the show, and it wasn't bad at all. Unfortunately, it got the chop last year.
9. Men in Trees. Poor Anne Heche can't get a break. Just when Men in Trees seemed to be in for the long haul, it was cancelled abruptly sometime last year. Oh well, at least she got a new husband out of it....
8. Jericho. The premise of Jericho was that a nuclear bomb pretty much wipes out normal life in the US, except for the small town of Jerico somewhere in the midwest. I like these kinds of shows, and it had all the elements of good drama. But alas, it bit the dust despite furious protests and petitions from fans.
7. Everwood. Teen angst (including a boyfriend in a coma) and father-son tensions abounded in this popular drama. The snow-clad mountain scenes made me feel like taking a trip to Colorado, and I can't even stand the cold. I guess neither could the studio executives. Pity.
6. Firefly. A show about cowboys and girls in space? Only Joss Whedon of Buffy and Angel fame could pull that off. Alas, Firefly didn't stick around as long as those shows, but at least we got a decent movie, Serenity, out of it. And I can still watch River Tam on Terminator and Jayne on Chuck. Watch the shows if you want to figure out what I mean.
5. Moonlight. I love vampire shows, and this one was a vampire love story so I really, really liked it. And it didn't suck at all, all pun intended so I don't know why it was cancelled.
4. Boston Legal. No more Denny Crane and Alan Shore. Boo hoo. My Monday nights will never be the same again.
3. Roswell. I never missed an episode of Roswell and I was surprised when the well-written show about teen aliens in the New Mexico town was axed a few years back. Since then Katherine Heigl has become a big star thanks to Grey's Anatomy and two of the other cast members are on CSI Miami.
2. Alias. I loved me some Sydney Bristow. The wigs, the fight scenes and above all, her love for Agent Michael Vaughan. However, I wasn't surprised when the show ended because the real-life relationship between Jen Garner and her co-star Michael Vartan also went kaput and that must have been awkward. Plus, that darn Rambaldi plot was too hard to follow. It was a good show for a while though, and it's missed.
1. Prison Break. When I heard that PB was being cancelled and was in the process of wrapping up its final episodes, I had mixed feelings. As much as I love the characters, the show was never really the same since seaon one when they bust out of Fox River. I hope I see Went Miller in some more shows though - he's too pretty not to be on tv.

Send me your faves too and send me some shows which are still running but should be cancelled. Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Good blog.

Anonymous said...

Terminator:SCC has been cancelled.
I am not surprised at all. Writers, etc usually have this uncanny way of destroying shows in the 2nd season.

Bajegirl said...

Noooo. I was just getting into that show.

Anonymous said...


I started thinking about my favourite TV series and discovered there are just too many. Here are the recent ones. I loved your but didn’t want to repeat them. That they are so many Sci Fi is only because the industry have churned out that many but imagine, I now find myself teary over Little House on the Prairie and Gunsmoke.

Situations are handle by Emily Lehman and Matt Flannery
They are part of the FBI’s Crime Negotiation gunnery
Any situation that needs talking down is
Negotiated by these two, unless it’s personal biz
Doing this job detaches a person from reality
One can see it from the blank personality
Friends are hard to come by so they work over time
Fighting these bad situations and stopping crime

In Justice

Investigating when justice was so unjust
Never letting up, freeing the innocent was a must
Judges got it wrong and the juries too
Undoing their wrongs was what they do
Societies have imprisoned and killed the innocent before
This team of David Swayne, partner Charles Conti and more
Intercedes for the innocent and finds the guilty
Criminals they locked up and the innocent they set free
Eff I wuz the writers I wud brin’ dis show back

Birds of Prey

Barabara Gordon, former Batgirl, now paraplegic
Investigates and fights crime, unbelievably heroic
Relying on the Huntress, Helena Kyle with powers like a cat
Daughter of Selena (Cat-woman) and Bruce Wayne, the Bat
She also has Dinah Redmond to make up the three
One touch turns on her power of telepathy
Fighting crime has always been attractive to me
People with diverse powers and some with split personality
Real life heroes don’t wear mask and parade in tights
Even rarer to find heroes indulging in fights
Yesterday he called, I ran away, today I live another day


Ephram didn’t like that his dad had moved
Vacated his successful practice to a place far removed
Everwood, Colorado his late wife had treasured
Relocating his son and daughter there was from voices he heard
When Dr. Andrew Brown got there he offered for free
Office visits by any and all from the community
One thing led to another and soon father and son
Delighted in the new life they had together begun

Boston Public

Boys and girls from Inner City, Winslow High
Only have one requirement, do or at least try
Staff work in unison under Principal Steven Harper
Though vice Principal Scott Guber thinks himself better
On discipline he’s strong but on compassion weak
Never giving the students opportunity to speak
Putting discipline far ahead, always making it first
Unable to see what makes kids bad and what makes them worst
Beautiful Social Studies teacher Lauren Davis can get through
Lauren knows what to say and just what to do
I liked this film ‘cause it was a window into American behavior
Cultural deficiencies and revealing their complacent demeanor

Kyle XY

Kid woke up naked in a thick woody shrubbery
Yesterday was not even a part of his memory
Learned from a family the ways of life
Evenings he slept in a bathtub and wasn’t scared of a knife
‘Xcelled at school’s extracurricular and his studies
Young man now has a history other than the shrubbery of trees

New Amsterdam

New York City detective John Amsterdam
Effectively carries out his work while also his own scam
When fatally injured back in 1642
A Native American girl’s spell cured but made him immortal too
Many of his family and friends have aged and died
So John for years lived dangerously, everything he tried
Though nothing could’ve helped him, he’d just wake up again
Earth was a living hell and not what was in the bargain
Remembering the girl’s words he worked out that he
Didn’t have to live this way for all eternity
A kiss from the lips of his true love would break the spell
Many lips John now kiss to escape his earthly hell

Commander In Chief

Creative minds may deliberately
Open new ideas for sensitivity
Make a thing more palatable by
Mind plants and weed out the inquisitive why
And when I saw this new series
Nomination was soon and so too the primaries
Democrats in America had in the forefront Mrs. Clinton
Election of her would make her the first woman
Republicans thought this an impossibility
Improbable for them to have to run against Hillary
None of them thought Americans would vote this way
Clinton was good but for America it wasn’t okay
How creative then for the writers to change our belief
It was acceptable for a woman to be Commander in Chief
Efficiency will come with a greater sense of fairness
Family relationships treated with priority and eagerness

Bionic Woman

Bartender Jamie Sommers crashed and was dying from her injuries
Implants to legs, right arm, ear and eye gave her super abilities
Operation also left her obliged to work covertly
Now she lives her life secretively
It was good to watch her learn to use
Courageous efforts and diffuse
Wicked villains and in particular men
One chop or kick tore down stereotypes, then
Male egos reduced to nothingness
And Jaime would smile from her new martial arts prowess
Nothing like a woman in a picture kicking some serious butt!

Blood Ties

Bitten by Henry, Vicky soon started falling in love
Learnt of his past and his exploits thereof
Occult investigations soon became supreme
Only taking clients whose request seemed extreme
Demons, ghosts and zombies became everyday
The two worked together much to her old lover’s dismay
In the series the triangular relationship was hard to follow
Episode after episode, on and off, here today gone tomorrow
Some how this vampire love still appealed to me


Jolts of light catapult Dan through time
On his travels he arrests problems and fights crime
Undo wrongs and changes the ill paths of many
Returning to present-day to account for his untimely journey
Now his brother Jack cannot accept
Ever disappearance as anything other than Dan’s dates not kept
Young son and wife abandoned while he
Makes off at the strangest of time suspiciously
And then in one episode Dan vanished in front of Jack
Now I’m still waiting for the reaction when he comes back

Acrostic Poetry from The Bajan Poetry Society

Go to Run 24 Just started. The all time best!

Bajegirl said...

Good one, Khaidji. I'm a big fan of the Scifi channel myself; I love Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG9 and Sanctuary but I don't get that channel anymore.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Lipstick Jungle and Dirty Sexy Money!!!!

Bajegirl said...

Poor Blair Underwood hasn't had much luck since LA Law it seems.

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