Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Rihanna....

Dear Rihanna,

Girl, I wasn't planning to blog nuh more 'bout your present 'troubles', 'cause I know that the case coming up soon and it's all up to the courts to decide on wuh really went down wid you and that lil boy.

Anyhow, that was the plan, till I butt up pun this story here. Girl, I hope you tell that fella which part he could stuff his gift!

Now, cuhdear, you mean to tell me that he haul off and smack you 'bout like he is Mike Tyson on crack, and he got the gall to think he could make it all better by sending you jewelry?! I know diamonds supposed to be a girl's best friend but he can't be for real!

I hope you ain't playing you falling for this stunt, 'cause I suspect he know he *ss is grass in court if you testify. I surprised he got any money left to be buying fancy diamonds, 'cause he like public enemy number one since his "mistake". The way things going he might not even be able to get a spot on Dancing with the Stars to stage a comeback.

Now, you never tell me wuh really happen, and some people say you start the fight. Maybe so, though I would hope that if you decide to pick a fight with a man you at least got some back up brass knuckles or something. But no matter how it start, the end result wasn't in your favour at all.

I know you love the lil idiot, but cuhdear, any man that could beat you and left you pun the side of the road ain't worth sh*te. Whitney kept going back to Bobby 'cause she did pun drugs; I don't think you have that excuse.

Take your own advice: tell him to Take a Bow, 'cause you goin' to Rehab. You don't plan on Breaking Dishes over him and as much as you hate that you love him, you might just have to stab him with your Umbrella next time.

Be strong, girl.



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Anonymous said...

I have pondered this topic of Domestic Violence for years and was even part of a local group that supported ladies in crisis. It is unbelievable how many women are often lured back into the clutches of their abusers from feeble apologies, gifts, and meaningless promises. Most never come to grips that it is happening to them and remain in denial. Some, the stronger ones are able to immerge and cut new paths for weaker ones to follow. But first, in that car when you are finally deciding and that voice tell you go back, just Shut Up And Drive and stop listening to the Crazy Little Thing Called Love! It’s not!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Cry, Let Me, A Girl Like Me, A Million Miles away
Rush, Boom Boom, I feel constantly Pon De Replay
A Bad Girl, yes Good Girl Gone Bad
Zero tolerance, I’ll Break It Off though it makes me sad
You Coulda Been The One but this is the Final Good-bye
Live Your Life, Lemme Get That door, Don’t Even Try
If It’s Loving That You Want then change your attitude
The Hotness, this Hypnotized walk, you Hurricane dude
They were good the First Time but don’t Bring It Back to me
Let’s Take A Bow, that was The Last Time for your cruelty
Even if I’m Breakin’ Dishes, Haunted or going insane
There’s no love lost If I Never See Your Face Again
Hate That I Love You but Now I Know, Kisses Don’t Lie
I should have realized There’s A Thug In My Life, why didn’t I?
Now Who You Gonna Run To, Say It, who’s The One
Going to dance to Music Of The Sun all night long
Chris, from Dem Haters at Disturbia, That La La La land
Are you Willing To Wait until you’re no longer in command
Let them Roll you to Rehab for a Selfish Girl crying S.O.S
Lots of people to Question Existing rows and situations guess
Even though I would wish that you would Just Be Happy
Don’t be Unfaithful, Winning Women, who Without You can be
Loved, and wait for a P.S. I’m Still Not Over You
Or Push Up On Me, Don’t Stop The Music, cause you love me too
Violence is under the Umbrella of You Don’t Love Me, but I’ll survive
Exit? Should I? Here I go Again. Girl just Shut Up And Drive!

I have embedded over 30 of Rihanna’s Songs in the Above Acrostic Poem. Although the subject of Domestic Violence is a very serious one, please reflect on the brilliance of our superstar, who would have accomplished lots in the last 3 years.

Acrostic poem from The Bajan Poetry Society