Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's first address to joint session of Congress

Five weeks into his first term as President of the United States, Barack Obama gave his first address yesterday to a joint session of Congress. It was a frank speech and he didn't spare any of the sectors that could be held responsible for the current economic state of the USA. However, he did offer hope that the nation could be rebuilt.

You can read the story here and check out the video below.


Anonymous said...

I watched and was in absolute awe. President Obama seemed so warm and friendly even when delivering harsh, truthful facts. The doctor before he is able to deliver his remedy, first needs to inject a large, painful needle and so he ups his bedside manner to help you tolerate the pain. I saw the needle go in last night and there was scarcely a flinch. Since then I have heard some of the republicans try to dissect the speech and they have made some very pitiful assessments.

The Address To Congress

Tuesday night at 9:00pm was his address
He had the first joint session before the Congress
Economic challenges the Nation needed to face
And people needed to dispel underlying bias of race
Drive out the old standards and introduce the new
Do all it takes to usher in a fresh era’s debut
Responsibility and cooperation are foremost in his plan
Every citizen has a part to play and must do all they can
Students no longer will drop out from schools
Schools to be equipped with the best teaching tools
Tools including the best equipment and best teaching staff
Oratory genius spoke for an hour without a noticeable gaffe
Combining the Recovery Act, the Stability and Housing Plans
Obama will be meeting what the country demands
Necessary measures will be taken to stop economic downturns
Government will apply taxation to ensure every man earns
Runaway spending and fiscal deficits must come to an end
Economical health will be restored as global acceptance mend
Senators, Governors and all representatives must be accountable
Steering this Nation on its new course to Economical Survival

An Acrostic from The Bajan Poetry Society

Bajegirl said...

I like your doctor analogy, Khaidji.:)