Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh No They Didn't!

So many fetes... so many wannabe baby divas. I have to begin by saying that I went to the Baje International band launch last week and though I have no pictures to show as evidence, I have to say there were some very stylish peeps around. Unfortunately however, some people do not seem to understand when to wear what. Now, don't get me wrong, you can wear and do whatever you want but some things just make no sense to me.

For instance, why wear stiletto heels, a beautiful mini dress and a clutch bag to a band fete? I mean, really! Not only do I wonder who you think you are fooling that your feet aren't killing you but how different will you look when you have to attend a formal function? Cha! I guess I'm just getting old and don't understand. Anyhoo, here are this week's picks.

This young lady clearly wanted to make a statement. To be fair to her, she is not alone in this emerging trend. I have realised that many young girls are buying bright bras and baring them for all the world to see. Now, I don't get it. It's just plain tacky! How can anyone take you seriously?

The shirt dress is very nice and maybe she has aspirations of modelling for Victoria's Secret, who knows! As I mentioned before, there is that fashionable clutch bag. Keeping up with the fashion today must be very expensive. I tell yah!

Now I'm going to very honest (as if I'm not always brutally so, right?) When i first saw the picture on the left I thought, wow! You go girl! I'm all for if you've got it, flaunt it! Yes, it's revealing but if you just plan to pose then pose off nuh! But

(above) I got the full picture. This is just too much, too soon... too little ! Too ...Too...

"Ladies", leave a little for the guys' imaginations, please. From the front she looks cute. From the back, dayum! A little more like a lady of a different kind, if you get my drift. The shoes and hair are slammin', though.

Hmnnnn... let me address mama in the red and black top first. I remember when we had a rule: short top - long bottom; short bottom; full top. It worked well! You never looked tacky and lewd. Maybe young and slightly wild (in a fun-loving way), but never lewd. Nuff said! Now to the lass in lace, come here... (Receives hard smack to head)
"What the hell were you thinking!" This is incredibly wrong on so many levels. Not only do you look damn stupid but that can't be smart health-wise. Think about it! She is sweating up a storm I am sure and wearing a lace bodysuit and a jean pants or skirt over it. For her sake, I hope it's a skirt! Blow wind, blow!

I had to throw in this review adapted from my favorite fashion critics on Eonline. They let B have it, boy! "At the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, BeyoncĂ© does her best Tina Turner drag act. We've accepted the metallic minis and, uh, all that natural hair, but something about this particular pose reminds us of that BeyoncĂ© revue we West Hollywood. Avoid Liza Minnelli syndrome, B.—stop dressing like a caricature of yourself." I totally agree.

Here is our very own Rih Rih. The reviewers called this style choice boring and deemed it as not being "island-esque" enough. I say shut up! How do you think people from the islands are supposed to dress? Her low-cut, casual shorts set with gold accents and yellow and black pumps are very chic. I'm loving it!

Until next week, use your mirrors the way God intended them to be used.


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hella funny - and hella true~ keep up the work, chica!:D