Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh No They Didn't!

First, I must apologise for not offering a column last week. Unfortunately I was working on a project for school. That being now done, here is your Friday fix of fashion flops, starting with an international movie star.

Sarah Michelle Gellar really creases my brow with this look. Usually a subtle, chic dresser, she now opts for this bizarrely bare bustier with wrinkly, crinkly shorts. This sloppy look does very little for this petite looker. I don't know, maybe the electricity was off when she was getting dressed this time. Next time, iron and hang ahead of time Sarah, so this doesn't happen again.

This lady here has clearly dropped something and in the process of picking it up, has dropped her clothes as well. Wait no... stop laughing! That must be it, because what other reason is there? Surely that is not how her top is supposed to be worn. I am not going to get into her "dancing" because you never know, perhaps her head is a little "light" right now since it is Crop Over time. Yet there is no excuse for her wearing a yellow top with a red strapped-bar underneath. Does it take a genius to realise that these tops have to be worn with either a special bra or no bra at all. Come on!

Now the colour of this dress is totally divine but all I have to say here is why didn't someone tell her that she looks "hitch up". You see, it's like I always say, it really doesn't pay to keep "yes-people" around you.

Now you know that before she left home she would have asked someone, "How do I look?" Man, a real Bajan friend should have been there to tell her, "the style of that dress got you look hitch up, yuh!" LOL!
Anyway she is rocking it like only a real diva could though.

Now these local lasses are looking pretty good but I decided to use this picture to talk about two things in particular that I have noticed recently.
People nowadays just love weave. It's the strangest thing. You don't even know who has long hair, short hair, curly hair, whatever. All I have to say is, please choose your hair wisely and every once in a while, see a real hair care specialist, not a hair-dresser, and get a treatment for heaven's sake. That being said, these ladies are looking quite nice. My only issues are one person's hair choice and the other's bad posture. Straighten up!

Now, we were just speaking about weave. Sigh... I say no more because that is only the tip of the iceberg here. Oh no she didn't! Why oh why are people going out wearing their underclothes? What a mess! There is nothing positive about this picture. Do you see that she is "wearing" a "faux" fur coat in Barbados??? And is that a fur skirt too? Sigh... words escape me.

One of these days a young girl is going to fall down from lack of air. This one seems to feel ill already. Women of the world! Stop choking your breasts! If it is some sick sensation you are enjoying please cover it up. We don't have to see your demise.

Until next week, stay cute!

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Anonymous said...

wow...all I can say is wow...ppl really dress like that???