Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday fun: Fave TV Couples

Hi peoples. I thought I'd end the week on a romantic note to follow on from the short story which ended yesterday. Not to mention most of the recent countdowns have focused on action heroes and heroines. No more violence! It's all about love today.

Whether we like to admit it or not, there's a romantic in all of us and a hint of romance between characters on tv shows can spark the interest of viewers. Some characters start out bickering, only to end up in each others' arms seasons later; others begin with a mutual attraction and have us hanging on wondering when they'll hook up. And the chemistry, oh boy the chemistry!

Anyhoo, enough from me. Here's a countdown of my fave television couples.
10) Derek and Meredith - Grey's Anatomy
What started out as a one-night stand between strangers (the worse way to begin a relationship, by the way) moved into an awkward boss-employee relationship, then into a full-fledged romance. Throw in the wife Derek forgot to mention and you'll see why Grey's Anatomy is so popular as a drama.
9) House and Cuddy. House MD
Althought it's a tad premature to call these two a couple, if there's anything (or anyone) that House loves more than his Vicodin painkillers, it's Dr. Lisa Cuddy. The comedic bickering between the grumpy, sarcastic Dr. Gregory House and his frustrated hospital director is one of the high points of the show.
8) Mike and Susan. Desperate Housewives
Mike Delfino is one brave guy. Falling for the klutzy Susan Meyer could have been dangerous for his health, but he hung in there and they got their happy ending. Lord knows what these two will get up to next season...
7) Sawyer and Kate. Lost
Plane crash survivors Sawyer and Kate have a lot in common. They both have assumed names, had tough childhoods and dabbled in crime. And they hate each others' guts...or so they claim. There's obvious chemistry there, it's bound to explode at some point.
6) Sam and Diane. Cheers
The philandering Sam Malone and preppy socialite Diane Chambers were as different as they come, but opposites attracted in a big way with these two. Although Diane left the show and was replaced by Rebecca Howe in Sam's heart, the witty banter between the original Cheers couple is vintage television comedy.
5) David and Maddie. Moonlighting
Private eyes David Addison and Maddie Hayes were skillful at catching the bad guys, but not so much at realising when Cupid had shot them with his arrow. These two fought their growing attraction for a long time, maybe for a good reason because the show was never the same after they hooked up.
4) Cliff and Claire. The Cosby Show
The head of the most wholesome family on television, Cliff and Claire Huxtable were not only models of parenthood, but also served as role models of what a loving couple should be. Sniff sniff, I miss them.

3) Michael and Sydney. Alias
Fans of Alias watched the show for several reasons: to see what super-spy Sydney Bristow was going to wear next (especially on her head); how many bad guys she would karate chop and to watch the sparks fly between her and her CIA contact Michael Vaughan. It was only a matter of time before the chemistry between these two spilled off the screen into real life. Unfortunately, that real-life drama eventually ruined the show. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.
2) Jack and Audrey. 24
Even an action hero like Jack Bauer needs a little romance, and he has that in spades with his leading lady Audrey Raines. Jack is a good man doing a bad job, but at least he knows that Audrey has his back. However, everyone close to Jack ends up kidnapped, tortured or killed, so the future doesn't look too bright for Ms. Raines...
1) Michael and Sara. Prison Break
These two can teach Chemistry 101 at any university. In fact, the couple has been branded Misa and has probably generated more fanfiction and youtube videos than any other tv couple. Michael Scofield and Dr. Sara Tancredi share the ultimate 'forbidden fruit' of a relationship; she's a prison doctor and he's an inmate. A very good-looking, educated, engineering genius of an inmate. How can she resist?

The romance to watch
Henry and Betty. Ugly Betty
Although they're not the typical 'pretty' couple, the semi-dorky accountant Henry Grubstick and the kind-hearted but fashion-challenged Betty Suarez share such a sweet attraction that you can't help watching. Hopefully these two kind souls will have their hearts' desire.

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Just saying that Cuddy and House will never make a couple...well at least not before house cameron.Oh and scofield and the doctor is def the best one out of that list even tho i dont watch all the shows.

Anonymous said...

where's ross and rachel from friends?!