Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

My dear peoples, how are you!! I know it's been a while. Thank you all so much for hanging in there during my hiatus.

Since I last blogged I had to undergo surgery and I was out of commission for two months. Being forced to keep quiet also gave me an opportunity to scribble down a little love story, which I'll share with you over the next few days, as it's Valentine's Day and all.:)

It's called 'Happy Endings', and remember I wrote it while on painkillers. I'm just saying, lol. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Endings Part 1

“I love you, Caroline, and I always will,” the handsome groom whispered lovingly as he placed the gold band on his bride’s finger.

Tears glistened in the brown eyes of the tall, copper-skinned beauty as she leaned in to claim his lips with hers.

“And, cut! That’s a wrap, people!” the director bellowed. He ambled over to his leading couple, a grin on his rotund face.

“Maya, Terry, good work. They’ll be weeping in the aisles for sure.”

Maya Thorne thanked her assistant as the woman helped her into a jacket. Despite the sunshine beaming down on the South Carolina set, she still shivered slightly in the strapless, vintage wedding gown.

“That’s why you pay us the big bucks, Bill,” she laughed. “God knows love stories never end like this in real life.”

Terrence Bridges hooked an arm casually through his co-star’s as they strolled back to the makeup trailer.

“You’re such a cynic, Maya. I thought all you island girls were born romantics.”

She snorted. “Bad relationships happen in paradise too, you know.”

“All I know is you’ve got every straight male on this set eating out of your hands, yet you’re still sleeping alone every night.”

Maya feigned annoyance. “How do you know I’m sleeping alone? Have you been spying on me, Terry?”

He gave her an innocent look. “I had to check out my competition. Not to mention, the sound guys have a little bet going that I would score with you before we wrapped. So, what do you say?”

Maya stifled a laugh at his suggestive wink and patted his cheek affectionately. “Don’t worry, Terry. If ever I’m in the market for a fauxmance you would be at the top of my list,” she replied before sashaying away.

More tomorrow....

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fauxmance, loving it!