Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Endings Part 4

“Did you two have a fight again?” Elise asked Maya quietly, looking over her shoulder at a grim-faced Liam who sipped a beer in the living room with his father.

Maya shrugged, savouring her lemonade as she admired the sun setting over the west coast of the island. In the distance, she could see a cruise ship sailing out of the harbor, destined for a week of fun and frolic on the Caribbean Sea.

Francine, her broken leg set in a cast and resting on a chair, leaned forward to grasp her granddaughter’s hand.

“When are you two going to stop punishing each other and just be together? He’s unhappy, you’re unhappy, what’s the point?”

Elise nodded in agreement. “You both think too much. You can make this work if you really wanted to.”

Maya shook her head. “Nothing has changed. I live in LA and he’s here. He wants… deserves someone who’ll wake up next to him every morning, cook him dinner, sit around at night and find out how his day went. I can’t be that person.”

"Besides," Maya exhaled, "in case you haven't noticed he hasn't gotten past my refusing his proposal."

The two older women exchanged a solemn glance. “That was nearly two years ago, and if he's still upset about that, that means he still cares," Francine insisted.

"Apart from the odd date, he hasn't had a serious relationship since then. He still loves you, Maya," Elise added.

Maya glanced around and saw Liam gazing in her direction, his expression unreadable.

"Gran, I came home to see how you were doing, not to get caught up in any drama. Can we just forget about it for now?" she pleaded.

Francine sighed. "Will you at least come to the surprise party on Saturday for his 30th birthday? All your old friends will be there,” she asked.

“Sure. I guess I can manage that.” Maya chatted a while longer before kissing the women goodbye and heading to her grandmother's home in St. Lucy.

More on Monday! Have a great weekend.

Image: Fustic House, St. Lucy

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