Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Top 10 Blog Stories of 2009 pt. 2

Hey peoples. I'm back with what, in my lowly opinion, were the top four blog stories of 2009. These are the news items that generated the most buzz on my blog and among the public.

4. The death of Michael Jackson
The outpouring of grief I witnessed in Bim for the late pop icon Michael Jackson is usually reserved for Prime Ministers, and left no doubt that his fans and detractors alike felt his passing. Live coverage of his funeral was viewed by hundreds in Kensington Oval and the 24 hour sessions of Jackson's hits on the radio stations were spine-tingling. RIP, MJ.

3. The Inauguration of US President Barack Obama
Barbados came to a standstill almost a year ago as persons were glued to their tv and computer screens to watch the first African American being sworn in as President of the USA. It was a day that will live on my memory.

2. Rihanna vs. Chris Brown
You all know the story on this one, so I won't bother to rehash this dark episode. You can check out my numerous posts last year on this topic. I'm done.

1. Ryan Brathwaite wins gold at the World Championships
When hurdler Ryan Brathwaite beat out his competitors to win the gold medal at the World Championships in Berlin, Barbadians were overcome with pride and joy. I was in Bridgetown when he ran and I can tell you, even the City vagrants were fussy fussy. Well done, son of the soil.

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