Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Haiti!

Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean are at this moment mobilising resources to assit the people of Haiti, following the massive 7.0 earthquake which occured yesterday. So far, reports are that 20% of the island's housing stock has been destroyed. Even the Presidential Palace has been seriously damaged.

Here in Bim Starcom Network and the OCM network are arranging a radiothon on Saturday to raise funds. I'll post up the information on the numbers to call as soon as I get them.

Prime Minister David Thompson held a hastily convened press conference to address this tragedy. Here's what he had to say:

It is with a sense of profound sadness that Barbadians learnt of the earthquake that struck the nation of Haiti yesterday, January 12, 2009. While the world is only now coming to understand the scale of destruction and loss of life as the first pictures and reports are being seen and filed, initial assessments indicate that Haiti has again suffered a calamity of horrendous proportions. This comes at a time when Haiti is still recovering from a series of hurricanes which struck that nation two years ago.

At this painful and trying moment for all Haitians, I extend, on behalf of the people of Barbados, my deepest sympathy to the Government and people of Haiti and especially to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

I want also to give every assurance of Barbados’ support for Haiti during this difficult period as it seeks to cope with and recover from the aftermath of the earthquake. I have already been in consultation with the Heads of other CARICOM countries, particularly the Chairman, to ensure that an adequate and meaningful response to this disaster is also made by the Caribbean Community. The pain of this disaster is felt throughout the Community, and we will do whatever is in our power to show our support and solidarity with our fellow CARICOM state as it faces this terrible trauma. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with the Government and people of Haiti during this trying time.

For this tragedy to occur after suffering four hurricanes in 2008, it's just too much. My prayers are with you, mes freres at soeurs haitiens.

Image: Damage to the Presidential Palace following the earthquake


Khaidji said...

HELP – Haiti’s Earthquake Liberation Plan

Hundreds maybe thousands are feared to be dead
And though we rush to survivors rescue the road is bleak up ahead
It’s an aftershock rippling from the violent shake
The jolting of the region’s most violent Earthquake
I heard the news and a shock struck me
Such a lost of life, its indiscriminate enormity

Earthquakes don’t decide who will die
And so never choose if it will be you or I
Rumblings can bring down mountains and turn them into plains
Tremors may flatten buildings worst than floods and rains
Horrific property lost and utilities taken out
Quakes can destroy all in your sight and more about
Unrelenting seismic shakes in just a moments time
Assault a country worst than many years of crime
Keep people wary and always on their toes
Earthquakes can be more violent than hurricanes and tornados

Let us then reach out with the greatest strength of all
In times of devastation love cushions any fall
Be kind to each other and now to our neighbors in Haiti
Earthquake destroyed life and buildings but not our charity
Rescue your neighbors with aid and today
Allow your spirit to embrace them as you kneel to pray
There is a something I propose each nation can give
In this aftermath of recovery we can allow Haitians to live
On our islands and in our countries while their nation restores
Nations can open their heart by opening their doors

People can monitor them while others on the island work
Let the teams do their magic in the rubble and murk
And when it’s done the Haitians can then return
Nations from Haiti’s Earthquake Liberation Plan can this charity learn

Dieu de mai soit avec mes frères et soeur au Haïti

Khaidji said...

In Just A Moments Time

Intense Earthquake brought destruction to Haiti
Never in 200 years has this region seen one of such severity

Jolts reached 7.0 on the Richter scale
Undulations rippled through this impoverish nation where little may prevail
So often we are powerless at the fate of Mother Nature’s fury
The devastations come and claim many lives in its ferocity

And indifferent of the deprive who suffered in great pain

Mold hill suffers forced to climb the impassible mountain
Outreach programs have sent aid to Haiti before
Missionaries have tried to make the peoples’ spirits pure
Every neighbor was there after flooding recently
Now the world knocks again to offer their charity
To help get this struggling nation on its feet
Show we care for our neighbors but shouldn’t we to complete

This charitable gesture and take our support all the way
Improve the Haitians lifestyle from their former dismay
Make them more self-efficient, reduce their suffering and crime
Earthquake’s ruin can cause greater prosperity In Just A Moments Time

Dieu de mai soit avec mes frères et soeur au Haïti