Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chocolate madness

I don't know Saskia Griffith, the recently fired Banks Calendar Girl. I'm sorry I don't, because I would slap her upside the head and ask her what in the tacky, male-fantasy hell she was thinking. Actually, while I'm at it I would slap the four idiots in pink who were part of that whole display, as well as Power x Four, at whose party this whole mess took place.

Girlfriend let someone convince her that it was okay to sit toplesss in a kiddie pool of chocolate while other women dipped strawberries and marshmallows in it. The fact that Saskia was representing a company (Banks Breweries) who might have a big problem with that scenario didn't enter her head. Granted, she looks so spaced out in the photos that I'm wondering if she even knew what was happening.

Now, I ain't no Banks Breweries apologist, 'cause that whole Banks Calendar thing is just soft porn erotica if you ask me. My major beef is with stupid-as-hell women who keep letting down the gender. I get so blue vex when I see women allowing themselves to be placed in compromising situations.

And this latest scene is just the straw that broke the camel's back. When I see young girls parading around in what looks like their underwear at parties and on the streets I feel like smacking the black off them. Our ancestral women, black white or yellow, didn't fight for equality of the sexes so that today's females could make exhibitions of themselves. It's hard for women to gain the respect of men as it is, so when they go around acting like hos they're making things hard for all of us.

Considering yourself equal to a man isn't a licence to try to outdo the 'village rams' out there. For heaven's sake, pull wunna selves together. And Saskia, if you're walking down Broad Street and some woman comes up and gives you a smack in the back of the head, I wuz there.


Anonymous said...

one word - AMEN!!! Okay, five more - talk about selling yourself cheap.

(Mty) Nikki

Jdid said...

well said. it would be nice if folks took time out to think before doing crazy stuff. this is one of those times.

Anonymous said...

Man gih muh and rovah(muh dog) ah break doah. Wuhhah duz want tuh have wunnah cake and yam um down tuh.
En et cann wuk so! Banks duz promote tree majah tings. De hockey festival sometime round dis time ah year,ah piec-ah naked girl pun dem calender, and sum fairly bad tasting beer. No Aplolgies pun de last two. If you is encouraging women tuh show dem breast and botsie puh ah calender while sporting ah big grin like duh eat roast dog why now, all ah uh-sudden you vexx and got dis high moral standing! Banks: Wuhhan is a bunch ah white-mout hipocrates! You wanna du someting else good besides de hockey festival? Go and mek good beer!
Leff dat girl lone! She look good, naked, half so or wid clothes! If she comfortable wid she body and she ent performing nuh sexually explicit acts in public, den leff she loan! All de feminist talk bout how she demorallize women and all dat foolishness is de cries ah tukkie, bad-looking, bad-minded snotty, snooty women who en have nuh identity en probably lukking fuh uh reasun tuh blame sum-boddie fuh de fack det dem mizzurable!
Don't you dare blame she fuh someting you wun du! Dat is you choice and she exercised hers!
If she did do dat at home and had three friends ovah and she significant udder tek de pictures and did send dem to Banks, dem wuddah still fire she?
We is too close minded bout sex in dis country, yet dem have some ah de most vile gadderings hapening bout hay wid de most vile acts! But ah guess because nuhboddie from nun ah dem doan bring out de camera and tek ah few tuh post bout de web or oderwise, we doaan chay bout dat!
We need tuh address serious tings bout hay like under-cover pooch-pickery, en fuh de women, bore-catery! En leff out de Banks ghal!

Bajegirl said...

That's the beauty of a democracy, we all get to have an opinion. Thanks for your comments, and you too Nikki and jdid.

Anonymous said...

saskia you make me ashamed to be a woman. teenagers go to wet fete you should go sell porn if you want to be a porn artist and those who ate that did you farrttt in the chocolate lol

Anonymous said...

There are two adages that say ‘if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything’ and ‘evil triumphs when good men do nothing’. Unfortunately, I’m really starting to understand what such statements are implying. In some societies, the moral upbringing of children has been the purview of mothers and other females in the community.

Therefore, I am a bit scared when I recall incidents involving some of our young ladies (even though they haven’t acted very ladylike). Note that in no way am I suggesting that we men bear no responsibility for our behaviour or in being good role models!! Two incidents (in Trinidad and Barbados) have involved young ladies embroiled in controversy surrounding questionable public ‘displays’ (all pun intended). The sad thing is that rather than showing a sense of introspection and some remorse, the ladies only seem to regret that the acts came under public scrutiny and prompted criticism.

The young lady from Trinidad who danced (for lack of a better word) with Akon, stated that she was taken advantage of. Of course, it had nothing to do with her being under aged, behaving in an over-the-top manner or bringing shame on her family. In the case of the former Banks Girl 2007 from Barbados, her excuses included that the company never stipulated that such action would warrant her dismissal and that it occurred during a Crop Over event at not at Christmas time. Now it all makes sense, the contract should have categorically stated that if she sat topless in a tub of chocolate that such would be grounds for her dismissal and we should only display morals during the Christmas!!

But I guess we’re all in the moral quandary because Adam blamed Eve for eating that apple; Eve blamed the serpent for giving her the apple; and the serpent probably blamed God for having a forked tongue. No one is perfect but when do we accept responsibility for our own actions?