Friday, August 03, 2007

Fave Crop Over tunes and festival picks

Well, just three more days to go before Jump Up Day, as Li'l Rick calls it. Hope everyone is enjoying the Festival so far and let's pray that as Crop Over winds down there'll be no more tragedies.

To those overseas, Kadooment Day (Aug. 6) is a must-see, so next year make sure you don't miss out on all the fun!

Anyhoo, here's a list of my Top 10 fave soca tunes rocking the airwaves at the moment. Persons overseas can listen online at or

10) Jumping - RPB
RPB ain't letting these young bucks get away with doing all the party tunes. He sticks right in there with them and you gotta admire him for that.

9) Sweat - Hypasounds
I don't know much about this team but they consistently bring quality music to the festival. Take note, other new acts.

8) Me and You - Don Trent
Another relative newbie on the Crop Over scene. He knows how to work a crowd and he's very popular with the ladies for sure.

7) Ya Sweet - RPB
He can teach Madonna a thing or two about reinvention. He might be doing this for 25 years but he's still relevant and fresh. Again, take a note, new performers.

6) Pumpin' - Peter Ram
The 'Rammer' never ceases with the sweet tunes. Although I can't understand half of what he's saying sometimes, his beats are tight.

5) Sweat - Kimberley & Keanne
An unbeatable combination. Kimberley where you hiding, girl?

4) Where I Wanna Be - Edwin
The General's really smoking this year. I've always been more of a 'ragamuffin' but he's making a 'yardie' outa me. Old Square One and Krosfyah fans would understand what I mean.

3) Feels Like (I'm Home Again) - Edwin
Another sweet tune from the Krosfyah front man. He'll have you swaying and singing along to this one for sure.

2) Bashment Bacchanal - Khiomal
I think Khiomal is finally coming out of Edwin's shadow and stamping his mark on the festival. Bashment Bacchanal's going to tear up the road, and I suspect Labour Day and Trinidad as well.

1) Soca Junkie - Mr. Dale
What can I say. Mr. Dale's having a great year. Congrats, Dale and fiat lux!

My picks for the Tune of the Crop are:
Can't Wait - Li'l Rick.
Bashment Bacchanal - Khiomal
Where I Wanna Be - Edwin w/Krosfyah
As much as I would like to include Soca Junkie (haha) I think it'll be too slow for the road. But, you never know.

Other possible contenders are RPB's Jumping, Mikey and Lorenzo's C.L.A.P., and Mac Fingall's Move Out de Road.

In terms of tonight's Pic 0' de Crop Final, well...that's pretty open to a certain extent. Although I wouldn't bet on it, 'cause some strange things happen in that competition, I would say the top 5, in random order, should be:
Kid Site
De Announcer
I have Sheldon Hope as the dark horse. Tomorrow let's see how close I come to the actual standings.

Well, peoples, have a great weekend and a safe Kadooment Day. Don't drink and drive, remember to drink plenty of fluids if you're going to be in the sun, and don't jump out of any planes without a parachute. You know what I mean.

Photo of Krosfyah:

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Anonymous said...

A few more honorable mentions .....

Sickey - Bad man (pure comedy)
Bo Bo - Road March (nice vibe)