Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ryan Brathwaite takes gold in Berlin

Blue, yellow and black, put it up! Cheese-on-Bread salutes Bajan 110m hurdler Ryan Brathwaite, who won Barbados' first ever gold medal at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin today.

Setting a new national record of 13.14, Brathwaite dipped on the line ahead of Terrence Trammel and David Payne of the USA, who both clocked 13.15.

Congrats, Ryan. You worked hard for this, boy. Well done.

And Usain Bolt continued his winning ways as well today, busting his own 200m record down to 19.19. Wuhloss. Go on with your bad self, Bolt.


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Khaidji said...

A double Acrostic Poem saluting Barbados’ next great.

A World Champion
Ryan Brathwaite

All Radios tuned into the Sports at Berlin
Were yesterday listening for our home boy to win
On the mark, get set, then a gun blast
Revved listeners never knew he got out real fast
Leg hit No.1 But he was not thrown
Didn’t stumble or slow down, his preparedness had grown
Championship medal was waiting up there
He reached deep into his heart and stepped up his gear
A new swiftness caught the commentator’s eye
My ears almost burst when she called out our guy
People screamed and Ryan seemed to hear
It was so close at the finish he dipped, then silence everywhere
Our guy waited patiently but we at home chanted Ryan Ryan
National Champion 110 hurdler ran 13.14 and is now A World Champion

To see the hidden acrostic please Click here….

Jamaican’s are still celebrating and with good cause. The only thing that now concerns me is, in the same way the IAAF subjected South African athlete, Caster Semenya to gender verification battery of test , including the humiliating strip, search and prod, why kind of test are they going to order for this ET.

Colt Jolt Volt Bolt

Competitions have shown young horses to run
Outrageously fast when the race has begun
Like a bullet shot from a fired gun
They dart around the track until the race is won

Just as the fierce shaking comes and goes
Or tremors unsettle the most stabled toes
Like seismic waves make buildings juxtapose
The quake shakes faster than anyone knows

Violent burst of unharnessed electricity
Over and over to scorch those in proximity
Like the flash of light through the galaxy
The lightning spreads faster than your eyes can see

But he’s no horse though he runs like a colt
Other athletes claimed tremors like the track took a jolt
Lots liken his speed to having a lightning volt
This 19.19 in the 200m could only be ran by Usain Bolt

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