Friday, June 26, 2009

Memories of MJ + Top 20 Fave Michael Jackson singles

Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight,
Here one day, gone one night.
Like a sunset dying with the rising of the moon,
Gone too soon.

I have been trying all day to start this post. I must have erased the first few lines of this paragraph several times. I'm still not sure I can write in any coherent, fluid way about how I'm feeling right now.

I don't usually get overly emotional when Hollywood stars or musicians or any 'star' dies, and that held true when I heard of Michael Jackson's passing. I was at an appointment, and as I watched the coverage of his death on television I was just saying 'wow, this is so sad, the world has lost a true musical icon'.

When reality really hit home was this morning, when I started to listen to the all-day tribute to the megastar on LOVE 104.1 FM. All Michael, all day. As his hits reverberated on the airwaves back to back, almost every one held some significance, marked some event in my life. And I ain't shame to tell yuh, I cried.

A lot has been said about Michael Jackson over the years, both negative and positive. I don't expect that will end with his passing. Truth be told, I'm bracing myself for the conspiracies and the custody battle over his kids and his finances.

All I know, is that the most talented musical artiste, bar none, to walk the face of the earth to date is no more. Almost every song he released was a hit, the releases of his music videos were international events, the man invented dnaces that defied gravity and wrote lyrics that could stir the coldest soul.

As a tribute to this music icon, I've attempted to do the near impossible: to list twenty of my fave Michael Jackson tunes and the album they were from. When a person has been performing for about 42 of their 50 years that's a lot of songs to choose from, especially when I pretty much loved them all. Anyhoo, here goes....

20. Off the Wall - Off the Wall
19. Remember the Time - Dangerous
18. You Are Not Alone - HIStory
17. I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Bad
16. Heal the World - Dangerous
15. Happy - Music and Me

14. Black or White - Dangerous
13. She's Out of My Life - Off the Wall
12. Will You Be there - Dangerous
11. One Day in Your Life- Forever, Michael.
10. Rock With You - Off the Wall

9. Speechless - Invincible
8. Gone Too Soon - Dangerous
7. Billie Jean - Thriller
6. Human Nature - Thriller

5. Man in the Mirror - Bad
4. Cry - Invincible
3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'- Thriller
2. Lady In My Life - Thriller
1. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Off the Wall

RIP MJ, your legacy will live on forever.


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Khaidji said...

Hi Bajegirl

I listed mine differently and since I couldn’t choose 20 from these, here they are

Great Songs Sung By Michael Jackson

Got To Be There cause I Want You Back
Rockin’ Robin sung ABC after her snack
Even though The Love You Save was really for Ben
Another Part Of Me said that Pretty Young Thing was a friend
Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' it’s Too Good To Be True
Say Say Say my Billie Jean I can Rock With You
One More Chance my Liberian Girl
Now, though I’m a Stranger in Moscow, We Are the World
Girlfriend I say Give In to Me and Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
Smile and Scream, Remember the Time when things were tough
Soon, We're Almost There so Ease on Down the Road
Under the twilight when we Come Together things will explode
Not With A Child's Heart but Off the Wall
Get It cause I Just Can't Stop Loving You, it was a real fall
Blood on the Dance Floor doesn’t say The Way You Make Me Feel
You Rock My World and like a Smooth Criminal you steal
My Human Nature still I Wanna Be Where You Are
In the Closet where there Ain't No Sunshine, a place off far
Cry, Dirty Diana, Just A little Bit Of You
Happy is this Man In The Mirror, HIStory is true
A Bad day brings Butterflies, Dangerous, never Leave Me Alone
Earth Song lulls their flutter, One Day in Your Life they moan
Like Who Is It, You Are Not Alone, You Can't Win
Jam, Why? What More Can I Give, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
And Will You Be There cause They Don't Care About Us
Crying The Girl Is Mine she’s Gone Too Soon, what’s the fuss?
Know D.S. didn’t show but I know she can Heal The World
She’s Out Of My Life but with her made-up face and hair curled
One look and she’ll Beat It no matter if it’s Black Or White
No one can deny she’s a Thriller who claims any day or night

An Acrostic Poem from
The Bajan Poetry Society